Home World ‘Take Our Border Back Convoy’: Trucker Group Converging on Eagle Pass, Texas

‘Take Our Border Back Convoy’: Trucker Group Converging on Eagle Pass, Texas

‘Take Our Border Back Convoy’: Trucker Group Converging on Eagle Pass, Texas


DRIPPING SPRINGS, Texas – The government of Texas is in a standoff with the Biden administration over its border policies, and now, some Americans are heading south to show their support for the Lone Star State.

A convoy of truckers is demanding a change in U.S. policy. They argue the federal government is making it harder for Texas to protect its border while making it easier on migrants headed for the U.S.

In addition, the United Nations and NGOs are aiding migrants heading to the U.S. border, and that’s also causing concern with some U.S. lawmakers who argue U.S. taxpayers should not be funding the journeys of millions of foreigners to our shores. 
Scrutiny of the UN is mounting as it reportedly hands out cash to migrants during their journey north across Central America to the U.S. border. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, the aid adds up to billions of dollars, much of it coming from the American taxpayer.

Todd Bensman, senior fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), told us, “The United Nations for 2024 plans to spend $1.6 billion, much of it U.S. tax-funded, on migration trails to assist about 3 million people. These funds, in cash, debit cards, envelopes, and vouchers, are for migrants, many heading to cross the U.S. border illegally. They’ll also receive food, shelter, and other essentials.”

Bensman explained, “These provisions are meant to support them on their illegal journey to the United States.”

And people wonder, how are impoverished people able to make this expensive trip to the United States in the hundreds of thousands and the millions? A lot of these people who are recipients and beneficiaries of this kind of UN and NGO largesse might have stayed home were it not for the guarantee of aid.

The situation has led to the formation of the ‘Take Our Border Back Convoy,’ a movement reflecting American demands for more effective border control.

Here in Dripping Springs, people from across the country are converging to express their displeasure at the Biden Administrations’ attacks against Texas Governor Abbot’s attempts to secure a portion of the border here in Texas. But the members of this ‘Take Our Border Back Convoy’ aren’t coming to cause trouble.  They won’t be attacking Border Patrol or blockading the border.  Many of them, in fact, are coming here to pray. 

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LtCol (Ret) Pete “Doc” Chambers told CBN News, “This all started with a North Texas pastor’s idea for a border tent revival. The convoy’s aim is to highlight the border’s open policies, pointing out failures in upholding the Constitution and addressing issues like human trafficking and drug smuggling.”

What the convoy really represents is the widespread American frustration with the government’s handling of border security and the belief that America is still worth saving.

CBN News Reports from Eagle Pass as Trucker Convoy Heads to Texas

Chambers said, “We just don’t live in a spirit of fear in Texas, number one. And there is an American character that exists in this country that we fought for to continue to uphold the U.S. Constitution. So do you know why the people …all the way down to the sheriffs agree with me? Because they took the same oath.”

Meanwhile, an NGO called World Relief told CBN News in a statement, “While World Relief is not currently receiving governmental or UN funds to care for migrants or refugees in Latin America, we are grateful for the peer faith-based organizations, and their local church partners, who are responding with neighborly love to incredible numbers of people who have been forcibly displaced within the Western Hemisphere.”

“Arguing that these funds are being used to facilitate illegal immigration is simply not true. Government entities – under both Democrat and Republican administrations – have partnered with faith-based organizations for decades to provide humanitarian care to vulnerable people groups.” 

CBN News at the Border: Trucker Convoy Converging on Texas with Lt. Col Pete ‘Doc’ Chambers



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