Home World Sen. Tuberville’s Hold on Military Promotions Persists Amid Battle Against Pentagon Abortion Policy

Sen. Tuberville’s Hold on Military Promotions Persists Amid Battle Against Pentagon Abortion Policy

Sen. Tuberville’s Hold on Military Promotions Persists Amid Battle Against Pentagon Abortion Policy


Hundreds of military officers haven’t received a promotion in nine months because one Senator is taking a stand for the unborn. Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville vows to continue delaying the process unless the Pentagon changes its abortion payment policy.

Senate Republicans went late into the night Wednesday into Thursday morning this week asking their fellow Republican to end his blockade on military promotions. Tuberville’s objections have held up more than 300 typically routine military promotions.

“It punishes those brave service members who didn’t develop the policy and can’t change it,” said Sen. Todd Young (R-IN).

“We stand for life, but we also stand for other innocents. The innocent men and women who are serving in uniform today, continue to serve without an advancement in their career fields while their families are hanging in the balance,” said Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA).
CBN spoke to Sen. Tuberville this week about his ongoing effort. 

“I hate I have to hold these people kind of hostage, but the American people deserve better than this, they deserve an administration that’s going to listen and go by the Constitution,” he told CBN. 
The Alabama Republican has blocked the promotions for nine months, maintaining it’s his only tool to push the Pentagon to change its policy of paying travel expenses for service members who cross state lines to get an abortion.
Some fellow Republicans say he’s taking the wrong approach.

“The policy is wrong, but holding these officers who have nothing to do with this is wrong. They deserve better,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on the Senate floor. 

Alaska Republican Senator Dan Sullivan led the all-night charge to try and get Tuberville to change his mind. 

“I’m a Marine colonel. These are some of the most pro-life families in America, I know that, right? The ones that are being held. They’re not just warriors, they’re people who believe in the values we’re trying to move forward, and we’re punishing them? Pro-life military heroes. I don’t get it,” he told CBN. 

CBN asked Sen. Tuberville if he risked losing his own party over the issue. 

“No, we’re not losing the party, we have a strong party…I keep hearing I’m hurting readiness. Tell me how I’m hurting readiness. Crickets. They can’t tell you,” he replied. 
The Senate Rules Committee voted this week along party lines for a rule change to bypass Tuberville’s blockade.
Tuberville says he has the backing of some military personnel around the country and will continue to object to the promotions until that rule comes to the floor.

“Listen, I’m a team player, and I know we need a strong military. But we have to stand up in this country for what’s right. And I believe I’m doing that and this will eventually all work out,” he said. 

Sen. Sullivan is urging him to reverse course. “There’s a lot of other ways that we can try and reverse this policy, but punishing American heroes I don’t think is one of them,” he said. 

If that resolution is brought to the floor, it would need 60 votes to pass. Most Republicans, including Sen. Sullivan, would prefer a different route instead of a rules change. Sen. Sullivan suggested objecting to civilian personnel promotions rather than military ones and pursuing a policy change through the courts. Sen. Tuberville told CBN earlier this week a lawsuit was likely.




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