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Sarnia Mirza said that being an athlete and a mother have their challenges

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Sarnia Mirza.Photo: File

Indian tennis player Sanya Mirza recently disclosed the struggles of professional mothers in an interview. NDTV.

The athlete said that due to visa issues and the COVID-19 agreement, she saw her son for the first time in 9 days.

She revealed that she encountered a lot of difficulties in obtaining an English visa, and she plans to partner with Bethany Martek Sands in the women’s doubles draw at Wimbledon.

“Until the last minute, we were not allowed to board the plane. The plane was about to take off in five minutes and there was a problem with the visa. It was really dramatic.”

In England, her son and sister did not get her exemption as an athlete and had to self-isolate, which resulted in a prolonged mother-child union. Mirza said she did not understand why her son was not an important part of her team.

“I think it’s hard enough to be an athlete in this era or any profession. But being a mother who has to travel with toddlers or young daughters every week is definitely not easy. It has its own series. Challenge,” she was talking to NDTV.

The six-time Grand Slam winner is very happy to attend the Wimbledon Tennis Championships and said that in the final analysis, attendance is the most important thing.

The 34-year-old thanked Kiren Rijiju, the Minister of Sports of India, for supporting her and helping her throughout the process.

She praised Rijiju for saying that he is always easy to approach and it would not happen without his help.

She also expressed her gratitude to all those who helped her travel to the UK, calling this a “collective effort.”

“I think that’s all. Great things happen requires team effort.”

The Indian tennis player will also participate in her fourth Olympic Games in Tokyo this year.

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