Home Sports Replay calls after 'double bounce' row

Replay calls after 'double bounce' row

Replay calls after 'double bounce' row


Cameron Norrie and Lucas Pouille both called for video replay to be introduced at the French Open after a row over an apparent double bounce which benefited the Briton on Wednesday.

Norrie hit the ball after it had appeared to bounce twice to win a point early in the third set of the second round clash.

The 14th seed then broke for a 3-1 lead on his way to a comprehensive 6-1, 6-3, 6-3 win over 675th-ranked Pouille, a former top-10 player.

"For me it bounced twice but you cannot change it," said Pouille.

"If the umpire made a mistake, she made a mistake."

He added: "I think today we have so many options to check if it bounced twice or not. It's easy with the video. You show it on the screen, and you see straight away if it bounced or not because apparently they showed it on TV."

With no instant replay technology to use, the final decision stayed with the umpire Eva Asderaki-Moore who didn't rule a double bounce.

Norrie was roundly booed by the French home fans for both the incident and for having succeeded in knocking out a second successive home player at the tournament.

Norrie insisted that in real time his instinct was "maybe there's a chance I got it".

"Then I just watched it now just before coming here, and I think it looks like it did bounce twice."

Norrie echoed Pouille's demand that all available technology should be used to eradicate such errors.

"We have the technology to do it. I don't know why we're not doing it in all aspects.

"Sometimes tournaments where they have, it seems, Hawkeye for the TV and then for the match they don't use it."


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