Home Sports MLB Market: Your favorite club needs a starting pitcher?good luck

MLB Market: Your favorite club needs a starting pitcher?good luck

MLB Market: Your favorite club needs a starting pitcher?good luck


If your favorite team is vying for a playoff spot-or has a dream of competition-then they are likely to use one or two additional starting pitchers to strengthen their rotation. Your favorite team is not alone, because there are not too many good starting pitchers, and not winning the championship is the goal.

However, getting this kind of help is not easy. High cost. Inadequate supply. Think of the trade market as trying to find a cheap rental car or baseball/basketball card is a retail store. It may not happen.

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A few weeks ago, John Mozeliak, the president of operations of the Cardinals, was asking for help in the market. After ace Jack Flaherty landed in Illinois, he talked to reporters about the experience on Monday: “We didn’t really see a lot of what we thought it would make a difference.”

Yes it is. There are few choices and high prices. Not exactly a buyer’s paradise. Let us break down the market.

Hey, we are fine!No discount now

Once upon a time, the Red Army seemed likely to part ways with either side. Sonny Gray or Luis Castillo, Or both. but now? They have a 15-10 record in June and have a chance to compete for the NL Central championship. This will be the first back-to-back playoff spot since the Big Red Machine era in the mid-1970s. They are still 6 points behind the Brewers, but it seems that it is doubtful whether the Red Army will send any pitcher away in the short term. However, the poor performance of the All-Star Game may change this.

The same thing Max ScherzerThe future free agent will be the prize for this trade deadline. A three-time Cy Young veteran, his pitching is still at an elite level. Anticipating the inevitable trading rumors, his agent Scott Boras even stated that Scherzer needed an extension to give up his non-trading rights. But the Nationals had a wonderful June. In the three games where the Mets struggled to find an offense, they ranked second in the NL East with a record of 17-9. Same as Reds-unless things fall apart, they may not sell.

Oh, and expectations for the Giants this year are not high, right?The idea of ​​entering the season is Kevin GosmanLast offseason accepted the team’s extended qualification offer, if he has a stable season, he will be traded. A quick glance at the standings will show why this is not happening. The Giants are one of the best teams in baseball. If Jacob DeGrom does not exist, Gossman will be the best candidate for Cy Young.

Maybe when it’s healthy?

This year’s most famous unofficial no-hitter belongs to Madison Bumgarner, A seven-game gem against the Braves in late April. That was part of a great game that produced a 0.90 ERA in five games. But since then? The self-report rate for the four starts is 10.13, and his current position on the IL has a shoulder problem. He shouldn’t be out for too long, but no one will trade a starter with a sore shoulder.

John Mies At the beginning of the season, he was very hot, pitched no hits, and released a good start after a good start. By 2025, he will be under the control of the club, which means that if the Orioles decide to transfer him to the right offer-this must be a ransom-he will be the first to win for many visionary teams Plus people desire. Remember how the White Sox won Eloy Jimenez in Jose Quintana’s years? Well, Means played in IL due to a shoulder problem and is expected to be out during the All-Star Game.

Matthew Boyd Is another left-hander with a lot of advantages and a bit of club control (he is eligible for the last arbitration this offseason, and then can become a free agent after the 2022 season). Like Means, he cruised in a solid rebound year-after 12 starts in 2020 with 6.71 points, 13 starts with 3.44 ERA-but like Means, he was on IL at least during the All-Star Game (tendons). Inflammation/inflammation) on his left arm).

Also, another pitcher started well, but now on IL: Michael PinedaMinnesota’s career has rebounded. Since 2019, he has scored 3.86 points in 42 starts, including 3.70 points in 2021. But he has been playing in IL since June 14th and his forearm is tight, although he may return before Means or Boyd.

James Paxton This offseason signed a one-year contract with the Mariners. This seems appropriate. The big left-hander is returning to his home of baseball, where he will revive his career and may bring back one or two good prospects when he is finally traded. Do not. At the beginning, he faced five batsmen and had to leave. Tommy John’s surgery ended his season.

So who is really free and healthy?

Here are seven pitchers that may actually be moved sometime next month.

1. Kyle Gibson, Wanderer: This is Gibson’s ninth year as a big man, and he has never been so good. With one year left in his trade, if he pitches like this, he can steal $7 million. Gibson is a right-hander who played college in Mizzou, his 2.00 ERA leads the AL. In a season where the starting pitcher was regularly checked after five innings, Gibson had 12 of his 15 starts lasting at least 6 full games, of which at least 7 were five times.

He is currently a prize in the market, and someone has to pay more to get him. Keep in mind, however, that the Rangers had a similar situation with Lance Lynn’s trade deadline last year-an efficient pitcher with one year left on the contract-they didn’t until the offseason. End the transaction.

2. Danny Duffy, Royals: He also spent some time on IL and missed a few weeks due to forearm issues. Duffy performed well before it was put on the shelves, posting a 1.94 ERA in seven games. The Royals slowly reintegrated him into the team. He became a free agent after the end of the season, and it is not impossible for the Royals to keep him at the right price. It’s not crazy to think they trade him now in exchange for some prospects, and then try to bring him back as a free agent after the season.

3. Jon Gray, Rocky Mountains: He will become a free agent after this year, so he will almost certainly be moved. When Gray returned from the Illinois game and hit five home runs against the No. 1 Brewers in Milwaukee, the Rockies’ pursuit of this goal was promoted. This season, he has a 3.97 ERA in 13 starts. In fact, his ERA in Colorado (3.25) is better than his ERA in the away game (5.32).

4. Merrill Lynch Kelly, Rattlesnake: Kelly is a unique story. He didn’t make his Major League Baseball debut until the age of 30; after struggling with minors, he found a reliable starter in South Korea. The Diamondbacks signed a three-year contract with him before the 2019 season, with options for 2023 ($5.25 million). He has experienced several difficult games in 2021, but in the past two games, he has only allowed one game, including 13 innings.

5. Marquez, Germany, Rocky Mountains: He is less likely to move than Gray, mainly because he will spend more, and the Rocky Mountains do not have to move. Marquez’s contract is for the 2022-23 season, with a total value of US$26 million. There will be a club option of US$16 million in 2024 (US$2.5 million buyout). His SR this year is 3.99 and his FIP is 3.51; his walking rate has risen, but his number of strikeouts is just the average of his career (8.9 per 9).

6. Taylor Anderson, pirate: He is not the one you traded as the ace of the playoffs, but he is the one who can help you achieve your goals. His ERA is not high (4.75), but look at Anderson like this: When he starts, your team is likely to play in the second half. In his 15 games, he only allowed more than 3 runs on 3 occasions, and every time he started a race, he insisted on at least 5 rounds. If you are chasing a playoff spot, what else do you want from the No. 4 or No. 5 starter?

7. Mike Minor, Royals: The 33-year-old player is expected to earn US$10 million in 2022 and has a club option of US$13 million in 2023 (US$1 million buyout). His self-report rate this year is not ideal (5.12), but his other numbers are also good. For example, his 4.03 FIP, 9.3 K/9, and 3.48 K/BB data are better than the data he released for the Rangers in 2019, when he had a SR of 3.59 and was selected to the American League All-Star lineup. .


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