Home Sports Maracay Black on why Zelena Vega re-signed with WWE

Maracay Black on why Zelena Vega re-signed with WWE

Maracay Black on why Zelena Vega re-signed with WWE


Zelena Vega Back to WWE Shortly after her husband was released Maracahe. Now we know why this regression happened.

Maracay Black was recently a guest of Chris Jericho Talk is Jericho Podcast Discuss his professional wrestling career, his time in WWE, and his current plans at AEW. During their discussion, Black revealed that the main reason his wife Zelena Vega returned to WWE before his release was to allow the two to spend more time together.

“Johnniece called me, even he himself was confused.” Maracay Black revealed. “I saw his number pop up and I looked at my wife. We were in the gym and I was just warming up. I remember I was thinking,’Let’s get started.’ Because why did he call me on Thursday morning? So , That conversation happened. I was shocked. My wife started crying because she knew it. My wife had tears in her eyes and I felt sorry for her because she was about to cry. Back, the main reason she wanted to come back One is because I am there. This is more or less a driving force, not a promise they made to her.”

Compared to Maracay Black’s AEW start, Zelina Vega’s WWE return is not good

Although Maracay Black has achieved great success in the all-elite wrestling competition because he immediately fell into a feud with AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes, unfortunately, so far, Zelena Vega has worsened This is not the case when returning to WWE.

Although she has been appearing on WWE SmackDown since her return, she has yet to win a game that damages her status and credibility in the eyes of the WWE world.

With any luck, Vega’s situation in WWE will get better sooner or later.

Are you surprised that Zelina Vega returned to WWE? Or is this similar to what you expected? Let us know what you think by speaking in the comments section below.

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