Thursday, February 22, 2024

Jay Shah reappointed as ACC chairman for third successive year

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Jay Shah will lead the Asian Cricket Council for another year, while the Pakistan Cricket Board will chair the Asian Cricket Council next year, according to reports.

The chairmanship of the Asian Cricket Council rotates among its members on a routine basis. After Bangladesh, it was Sri Lanka Cricket Board’s turn, but last year, with the consent of the Sri Lankan Board, Jay Shah’s tenure was extended by one year.

Now, once again, in the annual general council meeting, Sri Lanka, sacrificing its turn for another year, requested an extension of Jay Shah’s tenure, which was accepted by the member countries. Thus, the secretary of the Indian Cricket Board will continue to fulfill responsibilities in 2024.

In 2025, the head of the Pakistan Cricket Board will take over the position. Asia Cup agenda was not part of this meeting, so there was no formal discussion on it for its host. Pakistan’s representation in the meeting was established by the acting chairman and election commissioner Shah Khawar along with Chief Operating Officer Salman Naseer.

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