Indian movie 'Kashmir Files' termed 'biggest lie of the century'


Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President Chaudhry Yaseen on Tuesday termed India-sponsored Kashmir Files movie the biggest lie of the century and an attempt to hoodwink the world on the indigenous struggle of the Kashmiris.

“Kashmiri Pundits were forced to migrate by the then Governor of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) Jagmohan Malhotra with the intension to do ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Muslims in 1990s,” Yaseen recalled.

He further said India is facing humiliation at the international level on the innocent killings of unarmed 0.1 million Kashmiris and rising human rights violations in the occupied territory.

The PPP leader highlighted that more than 30,000 missing people and 0.1 million Kashmiri orphan children were the stains on the face of so-called democratic India. “To defame and give the communal and sectarian colour to the ongoing indigenous freedom struggle movement of IIOJK, Indian establishment produced Kashmir Files which was already rejected by Indian Congress that termed it another political card of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for the elections."

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Yaseen further said "we want to know that if the few hundred Kashmiri Pundits who were killed by Indian Army to defame Kashmir movement in the early 1990s are being used by the army again to divert world's attention from the current situation of the occupied territory where people weren't ready to live with India.

He questioned who was responsible for the deaths of more than 0.1 million Kashmiris since 1989 and said the world must probe this genocide of Muslims been carried out by the Indian army for long.

"Through the controversial movie, Indian extremist government wants to create hatred against Muslim across India aimed at paving the way for another genocide in future," he maintained.

The PPP leader highlighted that the Genocide Watch had predicted the Muslims genocide in India and for that, Kashmir Files movie was produced to mould the opinion of Hindus against Muslims.

"We demand the international community to take notice of Gujrat riots, killings of 0.1 million innocent Kashmiris and the ban on Muslim girls on wearing hijab in colleges. Wearing hijab is a religious as well as a basic right of Muslim girls across the globe," Yaseen added.


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