Home Technology How this woman used Apple AirTag to recover her stolen bicycle

How this woman used Apple AirTag to recover her stolen bicycle

How this woman used Apple AirTag to recover her stolen bicycle


In the Netherlands, the power of an Apple AirTag shines as a woman successfully recovers her stolen bicycle, showcasing the device’s exceptional tracking capabilities.

This tech marvel has garnered a reputation for aiding individuals in locating their lost belongings, and the recent incident involving Beatriz Spaltemberg highlights its effectiveness in combating rising bike thefts.

Preventing bike theft: using Apple AirTag as a shield

Living in Utrecht, where bike thefts have been on the rise, Beatriz Spaltemberg and her husband, William Lacerda, decided to be proactive.

They equipped their bicycles with discrete Apple AirTags, a preventive measure to counter the growing threat.

Little did they know, their foresight would soon be tested when Spaltemberg inadvertently left her bike outside the gym, secured but with the key left behind. Seizing this opportunity, a thief swiftly made off with her bike.

Swift recovery: Apple AirTag and Find My App unite

In response to the theft, Spaltemberg immediately turned to the Find My app, which seamlessly integrates with AirTag technology. The app provided real-time tracking of the bike’s location.

Equipped with this valuable information, the couple promptly reported the incident to the authorities. A collaborative effort ensued, as they joined law enforcement officers in utilizing the Precision Finding feature to pinpoint the stolen bike’s exact location.

The app’s accuracy was confirmed as they found the bike securely fastened to a lamppost.

Aiding law enforcement: Apple AirTag’s discreet assistance

While the thief evaded capture, the seamless coordination between technology and human effort was evident.

Lacerda shared, “The police officer told me that we were very lucky to have an AirTag [on the bike] because bike thefts are common here, and usually, they only make a police report for such situations.”

The unobtrusive placement of the AirTag likely caught the thief off guard, contributing significantly to the swift recovery process.

Apple AirTag’s versatility: From stolen bicycles to bull mascots

This incident underscores the versatility of the Apple AirTag, which has played crucial roles in various scenarios. From aiding investigations to recover stolen cash, to helping travellers retrieve misplaced luggage, and even facilitating the retrieval of a stolen bull mascot for a restaurant owner.

The AirTag harnesses the robust Find My network, utilizing interconnected Apple devices worldwide to transmit precise location data. With a price of $29 per AirTag in the United States, its accessibility further enhances its utility.



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