Home World Donald Drumsfield is a criminal in a suit and tie U.S. and Canada

Donald Drumsfield is a criminal in a suit and tie U.S. and Canada

Donald Drumsfield is a criminal in a suit and tie U.S. and Canada


Donald Rumsfeld is a criminal, disguised as a mediocre, semi-coherent bureaucrat in a well-tailored suit and tie.

Removed all the ceremonial embroidery, this is the epitaph I immediately thought of when I heard of his death yesterday.

I suspect that this is also how he was remembered by many disaster-stricken people who lived in the remains of the many disaster-stricken areas where he caused such hurt, pain and grief.

And, if the truth is any guide, then anyone must remember him and not be deceived by the series of pleasant lies about who and what Rumsfeld is about to be told now.

In this foreseeable aspect, there will be the usual ebullient eulogy, written by the usual flattering suspects, heralding a life of outstanding, uncompromising service to a succession of and sometimes submissive presidents and a grateful country .

The Associated Press described Rumsfeld as “a skilled bureaucrat and visionary of the modern American military” whose reputation was “disintegrated by the long and costly war in Iraq.” “

According to the main flattery of the Associated Press, Rumsfeld apparently lives a fairly modest but fulfilling life-his “skills” and “vision” are, unfortunately, led by a misguided The war was destroyed.

The Associated Press did not spray paint Rumsfeld’s dirty career, but shared with readers this slimy episode about the former US Secretary of Defense: “‘Lami’, as he is often called For that, ambitious, resourceful, energetic, fascinating, and capable of bringing great personal enthusiasm.

My goodness.

These are undeniable moments. When the “establishment” media reiterated their qualifications to build a business, when they needed to be frank and unrelenting honesty, they wrote such benevolent and allegedly “subtle” to powerful people with important titles. Respect.

Decent cannot allow the quick whitewashing of Rumsfeld’s disgusting legacy because it is a cunning, unrepentant militant, an unapologetically architect of a secret torture chamber, and a state approval known as “extradition” Kidnapping racket.

With a sacred and stubborn passion, Rumsfeld personified all the familiar, corrosive, and inhuman aspects of the discredited American exceptionalism doctrine, which, time and time again, transformed into despair and despair on a scarred planet. Destruction and death.

In Rumsfeld’s distorted geopolitical calculus, the United States is a benevolent global policeman, and he, a happy soldier in a crisp suit and tie, envisions a world similar to the fabulous American-made ideals—especially in Democracy and pluralism in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

Of course, the ugly, self-evident irony is that one of the defining characteristics of evangelicals like Rumsfeld—just like the president for which he works—is the necessary ability, which is actually necessary. , To mutilate and kill on an almost incomprehensible scale in order to realize their so-called charitable design.

Rumsfeld is a helpful official who, with his words and deeds—with his plain, bureaucratic monotony—facilitated the occupation of the Oval Office, the so-called commander-in-chief.

From this perspective, Rumsfeld is successful. He ordered others to kill in the comfortable, near-sighted cocoon of the Pentagon—safe as always, free from any real risks or responsibilities.

Therefore, in the original remnants of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Rumsfeld and his equally dogmatic accomplices seized the opportunity to formulate their deadly and disastrous blueprint for the empire.

The first was the invasion of Afghanistan in September 2001 to overthrow the Taliban and defeat Al Qaeda. History and geography should hone Rumsfeld’s deep-rooted instincts for war. they do not.

The sad and indelible consequences of Rumsfeld’s stubborn arrogance and strategic stupidity are obvious-countless Afghan innocents and American soldiers have been disfigured and killed, billions of people have spent lavishly, and a patience and rejuvenating Taliban is ready to be re-established. Its vicious rule over the wounded people, and it landed and invaded the United States twenty years later.

Rumsfeld’s catastrophic adventure in Afghanistan is a precursor to the Bush administration’s catastrophic misjudgment in Iraq.

This is a war of choice, consisting of a huge, fabricated lie-confirmed and refuted by the same agency media today-Saddam Hussein not only possessed weapons of mass destruction, but also deliberately, With the “crazy” temperament, release them in London and other places.

Once again, Rumsfeld and the confident company insisted that war would be fast, cheap and desirable. They were forewarned: no weapons of mass destruction; invasion would destabilize, not “liberate” Iraq and neighboring countries; lives The cost of wealth and wealth will be immeasurable.

Rumsfeld laughed at the nervous opponents and cunning people. “I’m not a quagmire,” he once said.

Oh yes, he did it.

Iraq and Iraqis still suffer from Rumsfeld’s trademark conceit, cruelty, and ignorance trauma-in mind, body and spirit.

Rumsfeld played an ardent consultant in the secret, lawless infrastructure established by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney to monitor and discredit enlightened Americans who opposed the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, thereby exacerbating his annoying Of negligence.

Nevertheless, perhaps the most obscene and vivid evidence of Rumsfeld’s internal crime is the international dungeon network organized within and outside Iraq under his command, using pathological and perverted methods and tools to deal with any suspected “enemy of the United States”. “The collaborators were tortured.

Rumsfeld believes that the rule of law and international codes of conduct are weird and out-of-date, because secret thugs in the United States roam around with impunity, kidnapping people like luggage and transporting them to torture dungeons, where they are abused and forgotten.

During all this, Rumsfeld showed a dazzling smile, which immediately showed his angry arrogance and his conviction of the correctness of America’s devastating mission overseas. His notorious and absurd answers to questions about the serious failure of the mission exposed Rumsfeld’s long-term incoherent and fatal vanity.

Rumsfeld probably knew that he would not be responsible for the pain and suffering he caused so many damaged people in so many damaged places.

According to reports, he was able to die at home with his family.

This is the quiet, gentle fate that Donald Drumsfield shouldn’t have, and he rejected many other damaged people in many other damaged places.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera’s editorial stance.


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