Home Health & Fitness Daily multivitamin intake may slow down memory loss as you age: study

Daily multivitamin intake may slow down memory loss as you age: study

Daily multivitamin intake may slow down memory loss as you age: study


Many people are eager to grow up but fear the associated factors, such as poorer memory. However, scientists may have found a way to slow down the ageing process, so people may be able to overcome this anxiety in the future.

A Mass General Brigham study suggests multivitamins could enhance cognition and slow memory loss in ageing adults, marking the third study of its kind to explore this topic, Scripps News reported.

The 573-person study “showed strong evidence of benefits for both global cognition and episodic memory.” The study enrolled Americans over age 60.

Researchers say that by 2060, 1 in 4 of the US population will be at a higher risk of memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease.

“Cognitive decline is among the top health concerns for most older adults, and a daily supplement of multivitamins has the potential as an appealing and accessible approach to slow cognitive ageing,” said Dr Chirag Vyas, the study’s co-author.

“The meta-analysis of three separate cognition studies provides strong and consistent evidence that taking a daily multivitamin, containing more than 20 essential micronutrients, helps prevent memory loss and slow down cognitive ageing.”

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends talking with a doctor before taking a multivitamin.

Meanwhile, the Cleveland Clinic says there is inconclusive evidence multivitamins improve cognition.

“Taking a multivitamin is no substitute for healthy lifestyle choices like exercising and eating a balanced diet,” says Dr Raul Seballos, Cleveland Clinic internist.

The Mayo Clinic emphasises the importance of a balanced diet for obtaining necessary vitamins while adding that multivitamins can help individuals struggling with maintaining a healthy diet fill gaps.

“These findings will garner attention among many older adults who are, understandably, very interested in ways to preserve brain health, as they provide evidence for the role of a daily multivitamin in supporting better cognitive ageing,” said Dr Olivia Okereke, senior author of the report.



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