Home Sports BCCI warns foreign cricket players not to participate in KPL in Pakistan

BCCI warns foreign cricket players not to participate in KPL in Pakistan

BCCI warns foreign cricket players not to participate in KPL in Pakistan


  • The Indian cricket team threatens foreign players playing in KPL.
  • Under the pressure of BCCI, six foreign players withdrew from KPL.
  • The organizers said that the cricket match will be held as planned.

The Cricket Control Committee of India (BCCI) was upset about the Kashmir Premier League held in Pakistan and issued a warning to other cricket committees to allow their players to participate in KPL matches.

Under the threat of the Indian Cricket Committee, all foreign cricket players withdrew from the tournament scheduled to start on August 6. However, KPL Chairman Arif Malik stated that the game will proceed as scheduled, adding that Pakistani cricketers will participate.

Sources said that the Indian board threatened foreign players through their agents, saying that if they went to Kashmir, the gates of Indian cricket, including IPL, would be closed to them.

The six foreign cricket players who withdrew from KPL are Herschelle Gibbs, Matt Prior, Phil Mustard, Owais Shah, Tenu Best and Monty Panser.

Herschelle Gibbs criticizes the Indian board

On Twitter, Gibbs expressed regret about the attitude of the Indian board. “There is no need for @BCCI to put their political agenda with Pakistan into the equation and try to prevent me from attending @kpl_20,” he wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

“They also threatened me that they would not allow me to enter India to do any work related to cricket. It’s ridiculous.”

Under the new circumstances, the Pakistan Cricket Committee is likely to issue certificates of no objection to Shadab and Fahar Zaman. Organizers will also include Muhammad Hafeez, Shoaib Malik and Shahid Afridi.

Sources said that BCCI officials contacted the English and African cricket teams and threatened that if they participated in the KPL, their players would be barred from entering India.

The British and African boards prevented their players from participating in the KPL until further orders were issued.

Taking into account the new situation and the safety of foreign aid, KPL management apologized to the remaining foreign aid.

Dilshan on behalf of KPL

Sri Lanka star cricketer Tillakaratne Dilshan, who plays for the Muzaffarabad Tigers, announced that he will participate in the KPL regardless of India’s pressure.

Arshad Khan Tanoli, chairman of the Dilshan franchise, pledged to provide the star cricketer with all possible facilities and safety guarantees. He said that Dill Mountain could play for his team throughout the game, and he asserted that the participation of the Sri Lankan star was a slap in the face of Indian cricket.

He added that other foreign players should follow the example of Deer Mountain.

The KPL event will last for 10 days. From August 6th to August 17th, there will be 6 teams competing for this famous trophy in 18 games.


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