Babar Azam’s leaked Whatsapp chats ignites controversy

Babar Azam’s leaked Whatsapp chats ignites controversy

The issue of the personal WhatsApp message leak of national cricket team captain Babar Azam has been discussed on media and social media since the last day.

Two days ago, Rashid Latif, the former wicketkeeper of the national team, claimed in a show that Babar Azam was sending messages to Chairman PCB Management Committee Zaka Ashraf, CEO Salman Naseer, and Director of International Cricket Usman Wahla, but the three board members are ignoring them.

While giving an interview to a private TV yesterday, Chairman PCB Management Committee Zaka Ashraf denied Rashid Latif’s statement and expressed his regret.

Zaka Ashraf said that Babar Azam never tried to contact him directly, Rashid Latif said that I am not picking up Babar Azam’s phone but was contacted by the team captain, director of international cricket, or the CEO. does.

Chairman PCB also showed a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation between national cricket team captain Babar Azam and CEO Salman Naseer, which was aired on TV during the interview.

In a WhatsApp message, Salman Naseer asked Babar Azam that the news is circulating in the media and social media that you called Zaka Ashraf but he is not picking up your phone, so have you called him recently?

In response to Salman Naseer’s message, Babar Azam said, “Salman brother, I have not made any call to Sir i.e. Zaka Ashraf.”

Chairman PCB was heavily criticized by former captain Azhar Ali and other social media users for sharing Babar Azam’s personal message during a TV program.

Questions are also being raised on social media whether Zaka Ashraf took permission from the team captain before leaking Babar Azam’s personal message or not.

Later, the host of the private TV program who leaked chats of Babar Azam and Salman Naseer took to social media to explain the matter that we had aired the WhatsApp screenshot on TV with Zaka Ashraf’s permission.

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