Home Sports Aaron Rodgers’ rumors led to the Packers teaming up with Davant Adams

Aaron Rodgers’ rumors led to the Packers teaming up with Davant Adams

Aaron Rodgers’ rumors led to the Packers teaming up with Davant Adams


Aaron Rogers starred in the Packers offseason drama, but he is not the only actor. Team officials should now be aware that Rogers’ uncertain future in Green Bay is beginning to have a ripple effect.

Although the focus is on the potential breakup between the Packers and their NFL MVP quarterback, the full-professional wide receiver Davant Adams has not signed after the 2021 season. Adams’ outstanding performance during the golden period of his career qualified him to become the highest paid receiver in the next contract.

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There is no doubt that a large part of Adams’ great success is the incredible chemical reaction between him and Rogers. Therefore, if there is no guarantee that Rogers will appear there in 2022, then Adams’ motivation to re-sign to Green Bay will be weakened.

Adams talked about his plan Interesting interview with Bleacher ReportHe suggested that QB’s situation may affect the time and place of his signing, and now “pray” Rogers will not go anywhere.

There are many NFL teams who want Adams to go somewhere.When Adams opened to BR, the Raider QB Derek Carl was in He was interviewed by ABC 30 in Fresno, California. Carl is not shy about recruiting Adams-his former Fresno State University player of choice-to play with him again in Las Vegas. If Adams becomes a free agent in some way, Carl is ready to “press in” to make him a raider.

Rogers and Adams are the undisputed best quarterback receiver combination in the NFL. Adams is about to end his best professional season, completing 115 of 149 goals in 14 games alone, scoring 1,374 yards and a career-high 18 touchdowns. By 2021, his salary and bonus will reach 16.76 million US dollars.

Adams’ second NFL contract lasts for four years and is valued at $58 million. His average annual salary ranks only 18th among perimeter players. His salary per season should be around US$25 million, and the margin for the next transaction is approximately US$60 million.

The Packers’ salary cap situation is not very good for the rest of 2021, but next year they should have more leeway to secure another contract for Adams, thanks to the continued revenue growth associated with the league. A significant increase in the salary cap. Before Adams entered the market, we had every reason to try to make a deal.

But when the Packers’ promise to Rogers is shaken, it’s difficult for Adams to promise any numbers—and vice versa. Without Rogers, one cannot blame Adams for wanting a better, familiar situation, rather than a shift that became the primary goal of developing Jordan Love.

DeAndre Hopkins, Stefon Diggs and Julio Jones are three expensive receivers who have changed teams through trades in the past two offseasons. Hopkins and Diggs led their second team into the gold mine, Jones has a chance to find more treasures in Tennessee. Together with the Raiders, the Colts and Chargers seem to be strong, welcoming Adams’ second suitor.

Without Rogers, Adams would not have evolved to the same elite level, but now the receiver can become any special No. 1 player in QB. If the Packers can’t use Rogers to end this farce, then it is likely to end with Adams and the team.


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