Home Sports 2021 University World Series results: Mississippi State University defeated Vanderbilt to win the first national championship

2021 University World Series results: Mississippi State University defeated Vanderbilt to win the first national championship

2021 University World Series results: Mississippi State University defeated Vanderbilt to win the first national championship


Mississippi State University can win the national championship for the first time in school history.

When Bulldog fans tell how it happened, the story will begin with starting pitcher Wil Bedner. After only three days of rest, Bedner allowed Vanderbilt’s lineup to run smoothly in six innings, defeating the Brigadier General star Kumar Locke who had never lost the University World Series.

The entire game lineup piled up steadily. Two home runs in the seventh inning helped to seal the defeat of the defending national champion. In the third game of the finals on Wednesday, the baseball championship was handed over to Mississippi State University 9-0. .

Since entering this year, the Bulldogs have not won the University World Series 11 times, ranking third among the university baseball teams. As a school, Mississippi State University has never won a national championship in any sport.

Commodores didn’t hit the ball in the 8th inning, but this will be the only game in their last game. Bedner struck out and walked one of his six innings without a hit. Rescue ace Langdon Sims scored a save without scoring in three innings, struck out four times, and allowed batting. I took a walk down.

The Vanderbilt team ended the game with 13 turnovers in the University World Series and continued to maintain a hasty defense, which was the most among the eight teams participating in the tournament. Mississippi State University made zero mistakes during the championship.

An error in the first game gave the Bulldogs the lead. Rocker’s comeback looked like a routine doubles, but the right shooter missed the second baseman and threw the ball into the midfield, leaving the base runner in the corner. The next batsman, first baseman Luke Hancock, raised the sacrifice flight to give Mississippi State a 1-0 lead.

The Bulldogs added two points in the second game and another two points in the fifth game, chasing Locke from the mound in the final game. Then they opened the door in four runs in the seventh inning. The catcher Logan Tanner hit a solo home run, and the freshman designated batter Kellum Clark hit a three-pointer to the right, rewriting the score to 9-0.

Sports News provides real-time updates on Game 3 of the World Series Finals between Vanderbilt University and Mississippi State University (All times are east).

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University World Series final update, highlights of the 3rd game

10:05 in the evening: This is the final of the Mississippi State University National Championship.

10:01 in the evening: Nolan tried a drag short, but it shot the final game cleanly. Mississippi State University won the 2021 University World Series.

10 pm: Sims caught Keegan’s gaze. Now out in the ninth game.

9:57 in the evening: Watts cited shortstop as an excuse. One go.

9:54 in the evening before the end of the ninth place: Jordan flew out to the right. Mississippi State University returned to the game to end the series.

9:53 PM: Forsythe singles provided the Bulldogs with a base runner, who made two outs in the innings.

9:49 PM: Thomas Schultz pitched for Commodores.

At 9:46 pm, the eighth game ends: Bradfield bounced back to the outfielder’s choice to end the game, and the Bulldogs now only need three more outs to win the University World Series.

9:45 in the evening: At the bottom of the eighth inning, Gonzalez walked to arrange two runners for Commodores.

9:40 in the evening: Cat Young broke the combined no-hitter with a midfielder.

At 9:34 in the evening, the top eight finishers: Murphy placed the runners in third to keep the game 9-0 at Mississippi State’s advantage.

9:31 PM: Hancock played single on the right, Thomas’ defensive mistakes put him in second place.

9:31 PM: The University World Series announced that it has set attendance records for the total attendance rate, the attendance rate for the finals series and the attendance rate for the third game of the finals.

At 9:27 in the evening, the seventh game ends: Sims made two strikeouts with a 1-2-3 score. The Bulldogs now have only 6 games left to complete the no-hitter combination and win the University World Series.

9:24 PM: Landon Sims is now playing for the Bulldogs. Bedner ended his outing with six innings, no hits, three walks and four strikeouts.

7th place before the end at 9:21 pm: The third base scrimmage ended the game, but the Bulldogs completely controlled the game.

9:15 pm: A walk from McElvain to Forsythe brought a new pitcher. Luke Murphy is now serving as a brigadier general.

9:13 PM Mississippi State University scoring game: The freshman smashed the first ball he saw on the right field wall and hit a three-point home run. The Bulldogs have started this game. Mississippi State University extended its lead to 9-0.

9:13 PM: Skinner walked over to place two base runners for Clark.

9:09 pm: Dubrule followed the home run and hit the right base. The runner-up was the first to leave for Skinner.

9:08 PM Mississippi State University scoring game: Tanner launched a home run to the left field, which was his 15th home run of the season to consolidate the Bulldogs’ lead. Mississippi State University extended its lead to 6-0.

At 9:04 pm, the sixth game ends: Bedner pitched during a short break and has now gone through six innings, but Vanderbilt has not been hit in the University World Series Championship. The Bulldogs are nine games away from winning the national championship.

The top six finishes at 8:59 pm: McElvin struck out James and put Allen in second place.

8:57 in the evening: Allen picked up his second shot and tied it to the right court line with a double rope. The runner now in the scoring position had two outs at the top of the sixth inning.

At 8:52 pm, the fifth game ends: Bednar continues to dominate. He placed the brigadier generals in order and ended with a strikeout from Sai Yathomas as he continued to exclude Vanderbilt from the hit list.

8:46 pm and the first five: McElvin grabbed Clark and tried to ground the loaded base and avoid more damage. Mississippi is now five times ahead.

8:43 in the evening: Skinner struck out. Clark now has two outs and the base is full.

8:42 in the evening: McElvain walked on Dubrule, using one person to load the base.

8:38 p.m.: Chris McElvain is the new Commodores pitcher.

8:36 PM Mississippi State University scoring game: Allen hit the Bulldogs’ fifth game with a softball. This will prepare Rocker’s night and his Vanderbilt career. Mississippi State University extended its lead to 5-0.

8:33 PM Mississippi State University scoring game: Hancock played singles in the center, kicked off in Jordan, and arranged base runners for Tanner in the corner. Mississippi State University extended its lead to 4-0.

8:32 in the evening: James strikes out. Hancock now has a chance to hit the ball and get more chances to run after he hits the sacrifice fly to give Mississippi State an early lead.

8:30 in the evening: Jordan and Allen started the fifth game with a pair of singles, arranged two base runners for Camren James, and no one was out.

The end of the fourth quarter at 8:26 pm: Bedner once again put down the brigadier generals in order. Vanderbilt has gone three games, but the team is still out of the hit list in the first four innings.

8:19 in the evening before the end of the four: After the walk, Rock struck out to ground the runner. Commodores hit the ball hoping to reduce this deficit.

8:13 pm: The Commodore made another on-court error because Dubrule touched a ground ball with boots from Noland. So far, the Vanderbilt University World Series has 12 mistakes.

At 8:10 in the evening, the third game ends: Bedner responded with his 1-2-3 innings and was out in three innings. The Bulldogs led 3-0.

8:05 in the evening before the end of the three: Rocker brought the Bulldogs to an end in order, and Bradfield’s impressive running grab was the first to be out.

The second session ends at 8 pm: Bedner knocked out the next two batsmen and knocked them down.

7:57 PM: Jones steals second base and places a runner in the scoring position.

7:55 in the evening: Spencer Jones took 11 steps to make Vanderbilt the starting runner.

End of the first place at 7:49 pm: Allen started from the right, but the damage had already been done. The Bulldogs are now leading by three points.

7:48 PM Mississippi State University scoring game: Jordan hit a first base on the left field line and got Skinner’s doubles. There are still two outs and Allen has a runner-up in the scoring position. Mississippi State University extended its lead to 3-0.

7:44 PM Mississippi State University scoring game: Lane Forsythe passed a ball to the shortstop for Dubrule to score. Now two away games, Jordan ranks second. Mississippi State University extended its lead to 2-0.

7:43 PM: Clark ran to the right, but the slow roller allowed both base runners to enter the scoring position. One is on top of the second.

7:40 in the evening: Now, Brayland Skinner is wearing a pair of base runners for the Bulldogs on foot. Kellem Clark now has the opportunity to drive on the run.

7:39 PM: Scotty Dubrule led Mississippi in the second game on foot.

End of the first session at 7:34 pm: Since Bedner was able to escape the game without letting anyone score, Noland scored a 6-4-3 double play.

7:30 in the evening: Keegan now walks to place two runners for Park Nolan.

7:27 in the evening: After defeating Enrique Bradfield Jr., Bedner led Javier Vaz to arrange a base runner for Dominic Keegan.

End first at 7:21 pm: Rocker knocked out Logan Tanner and asked a runner to leave first, but the Bulldogs led the Commodores early and caused damage.

7:16 PM Mississippi State University scoring game: The Bulldogs took the lead, Hancock took the sacrifice fly ball to the right, Jordan scored and gave Mississippi State University the lead. For the third consecutive game, they scored the first goal. Mississippi State leads 1-0.

7:12 in the evening: It was supposed to return to Rocker in doubles on the ground, causing Vanderbilt’s starting pitcher to throw a mistake and let the runner out for Luke Hancock in the corner.

7:12 in the evening: Rocker threw a curve ball inside to Tanner Allen and got the call for a three-pointer. Out first.

7:09 pm: Rowdey Jordan liked the first pitch he saw and lined a fastball into the right court as a starting single.

7:07 in the evening: Vanderbilt is on the court preparing to throw the first ball on this court.

6:45 pm: It won’t rain in Omaha tonight. The weather is partly cloudy and the temperature outside is 84 degrees, According to the weather channel.

6:30 pm: Here is how the two teams will line up for the final game of the college baseball season.

How to watch Game 3 of the 2021 University World Series Finals

ESPN continues to report on the University World Series, and the third game of the series will be broadcast on ESPN2.

Viewers can also watch the University World Series finals on ESPN+ or fuboTV, the latter offers a 7-day free trial.

University World Series schedule and score

Monday, June 28

Vanderbilt 8, Mississippi 2

Tuesday, June 29

Mississippi 13, Vanderbilt 2

Wednesday, June 30

Mississippi State 9, Vanderbilt 0


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