YouTube to tackle spammers amidst increasing complaints

As the YouTube community continues to grow, there is an increase in the number of complaints regarding spam accounts. Lately, spammers that impersonate creators are giving a tough time to YouTube. Some of the leading YouTubers like Jacksepticeye and Marques Brownlee have made videos regarding the growing concern.

According to the complaints, the spammers impersonate different creators and start replying to the comments under their videos and also initiate fake giveaways. To tackle this issue, YouTube has announced new policies.

To help the users differentiate between a spammer and a creator, the first policy asks the channels to not hide their count of subscribers. The number of subscribers can help you verify the original channel before you partake in any activity with them.

The second change in policy addresses the use of special characters in the name of a channel. Spammers usually use a variety of special characters in the channel name to look like the original one. Hence a limitation on the frequency and type of such use can help in reducing the options they have.

The last one is an increase in the control over comment moderation settings. The creators can increase the strictness to moderate the conversations happening in the comments section.

YouTube has been working on improving the experience of its users. The new policies are a good start to tackling the spamming issue.

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