YouTube testing new feature that allows to zoom in on videos

YouTube is experimenting with a feature called “pinch to zoom” on videos for its premium users. The experimental feature has been launched today for limited number of users.

The new option works in both, the portrait and the landscape mode.

For now, the feature is only available to selective audiences. According to The Verge, the experiment will remain functional till September 1, 2022. The one-month-long testing phase will allow the platform to get proper feedback and make changes for the whole audience accordingly.

To access the feature, open the settings menu on YouTube. Being a premium subscriber, it will show the option of ‘try new features’ section. There is an option to test the zoom feature in the list. Once the feature is active, a user can zoom the videos up to 8x.

Previously, YouTube allowed users to zoom a video to the extent of filling the screen. However, the new feature will ensure a better zooming experience for the users.


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