Xi assures Shehbaz of stabilising Pakistan financially

Beijing will continue to support Pakistan in stabilising its financial situation, the Chinese state media quoted China's President Xi Jinping as saying following his meeting with Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Wednesday.

China and Pakistan should move forward more effectively with the construction of their economic corridor, as well as accelerate the construction of infrastructure for the Gwadar Sea Port, the state media reported.

Premier Shehbaz and President Xi Jinping met earlier today and agreed to strengthen the strategic partnership between the two countries, including the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

وزیرِ اعظم محمد شہباز شریف کی چین کے صدر شی جنپنگ سے ملاقات

ملاقات میں چین اور پاکستان کے درمیان باہمی, خصوصاً اقتصادی شعبوں میں ,تعاون پر بات چیت #PMShehbazinChina #PakPMInChina#SharedDestiny 🇨🇳 🇵🇰
— Government of Pakistan (@GovtofPakistan) November 2, 2022

The two leaders met at the People’s Great Hall of China and talked about broad-based cooperation in the economy and investment besides exchanging views on regional and global developments.

Shehbaz and Xi also discussed the need to further promote the 'all-weather strategic cooperation partnership' between the two nations.

PM Shehbaz is expected to spend a busy day in Beijing today. He will meet Premier Li Keqiang and is likely to meet with Chinese investors and Pakistani businessmen.

Read PM to discuss CPEC in maiden visit to China today

The Pakistani premier landed in Beijing on Tuesday on a two-day official visit to meet Chinese leadership and review the “all-weather strategic cooperation partnership” and discuss regional and global developments.

On his arrival at the Beijing airport, the senior Chinese officials warmly received the prime minister who was heading a high-level delegation.

The premier is among the first leaders to visit China following the historic 20th National Congress of the Communist Party (CPC) of China that elected Xi Jinping as general secretary of the party.

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