Who is Imran Khan to advise in the matter of COAS appointment, asks Khawaja Asif

Defence Minister Khawaja Asif on Sunday rubbished PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s alleged proposal on army chief’s appointment, saying “who is he to advise in the matter”.

Addressing a press conference in Sialkot on Sunday, Asif referred to the prime minister’s claim that he rejected a proposal from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan about the appointment of army chief, and instead offered him dialogue on “Charter of Democracy and Charter of Economy”.

Talking to vloggers on Saturday, the prime minister said that the PTI chairman offered talks with the government a month ago through a mutual businessman friend to resolve two issues, one of which was the appointment of the army chief.

"Imran Khan offered [to conduct] negotiations," Prime Minister Shehbaz told vloggers. "The first matter was the army chief's appointment and the second was holding early elections," he added.

Defence Minister Asif in today’s presser said the appointment of the army chief is the prerogative of the prime minister according to the Constitution.

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“The real face of the PTI chief has been exposed before the public. Who is Imran Khan to advise in the matter of army chief?” the minister added. 

The defence minister said November would be a decisive month as political matters entered a “crucial stage”.

He also lashed out at the PTI chairman over hard-hitting statement against military leaders, saying the former premier was criticising army while soldiers were rendering sacrifices against terrorism.

Asif also downplayed PTI’s long march on Islamabad, saying, “Imran Khan began long march with merely 10-12,000 people while in Muridke there were only 2,500 people. Despite using government machinery, PTI failed to gather people.”

Speaking about Imran’s demand to hold early elections, Asif said the constitutional term of the National Assembly will end in August next year and the polls would be held on their stipulated time.

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