WATCH: Video of air hostess soothing ‘inconsolable’ kid goes viral

In a heart-warming video that has gone viral on social media, a flight attendant can be seen soothing an ‘inconsolable’ child onboard.

According to media reports, the incident took place on a flight from Brasilia to Cuiaba in Brazil and the attendant’s gesture is winning hearts online.

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The now-viral video was posted on Instagram by Good News Movement. In the short video, the air hostess can be seen calming down a crying child.





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She rocked him back and forth in her arms while standing on the aisle. The woman continued doing that until the little boy fell asleep.

According to the caption of the post, she even bought stickers and cups for the child to play with. But, he stopped crying only after she picked him up in her arms.

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“Flight attendant helps soothe a crying child. The flight attendant came and brought us some stickers for him to play with but the little one kept crying. She later brought some small cups to keep him busy but that didn't stop his crying. So to our surprise she took him in her arms and stayed with him for a while until he fell asleep… she showed us love, affection and empathy!" the boy’s parents were quoted as saying.

After being shared online, the video garnered a whopping 1.6 million views. Netizens hailed the affectionate gesture of the air hostess and called her incredible.

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