‘Very little time’ left to save country from economic collapse, warns Rashid

Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has warned that there is very “little time” left to save the country from economic collapse amid renewed political turmoil triggered by the contentious Punjab chief minister election.

“There is very little time left to save the country from the ‘economic apocalypse.’ Political instability is taking the country towards default,” Rashid wrote on his official Twitter handle on Sunday.

ملک کو معاشی بحران کی قیامت سے بچانے کےلیے بہت تھوڑا عرصہ رہ گیا ہے۔سیاسی عدم استحکام ملک کو ڈیفالٹ کی طرف لےکرجارہاہے۔30اگست سےپہلے ہمیں اہم فیصلے کرنے ہوں گےورنہ شائد کوئی بھی حکومت نہ چلا سکے۔مضبوط ریاست ہوگی تو سیاست بھی چلے گی۔آج خام مال کی امپورٹ کے لیے ڈالر دستیاب نہیں ہے
— Sheikh Rashid Ahmed (@ShkhRasheed) July 24, 2022

His statement comes as the political battle between opposition and coalition partners intensified over the controversial Punjab CM poll which saw Hamza retaining the chief minister's post on technical grounds.

According to the Punjab Assembly deputy speaker, Hamza received 179 votes whereas Chaudhry Pervez Elahi garnered 176 votes, but only after 10 votes of Elahi’s own party were not counted, which turned the tables in Hamza’s favour.

On Elahi’s petition, the Supreme Court on Saturday directed that Hamza Shehbaz would remain as a ‘trustee’ chief minister of Punjab by July 25 (Monday) — the next date of hearing.

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Commenting on the political situation in the country, Rashid said: “We have to make important decisions before August 30, otherwise no government would be able to function.”

Rashid, who also served as interior minister during the previous PTI-led government, added that politics in the country is only possible under a “strong state”.

“Today dollar is not available for import of raw materials,” he added.

In another tweet, the former interior minister asked: “Why did Attorney General [Ashtar Ausaf Ali] leave the country leaving aside important legal and constitutional matters.”

اہم آئینی اور قانونی معاملے کو چھوڑ کر اٹارنی جنرل ملک سے باہر کیوں گئے۔ن لیگ عدلیہ کے خلاف کس ایجنڈے پر نکلی ہے۔اکتوبر،نومبر میں ہرصورت الیکشن ہوں گے قوم تیاری پکڑلے۔حمزہ اور شھباز اپنا سامان پیک کرلے۔پنجاب چلا گیا تو وزیراعظم CDAکا چئیرمین رہ جائے گا
— Sheikh Rashid Ahmed (@ShkhRasheed) July 24, 2022

Rashid accused the ruling PML-N of running an anti-judiciary campaign and asked CM Hamza to “pack his bag” as fate of his government hinges on the apex court verdict.

He also asserted that come what may general elections would be held in October or November this year.

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