Vawda approaches SJC against ECP Sindh member Nisar Durrani

Pakistan Tehreek-Insaf (PTI) leader Faisal Vawda, who was disqualified by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in a dual nationality case earlier this year, has submitted a complaint at the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) on Wednesday seeking the disqualification of ECP Sindh Member Nisar Durrani.

In his complaint, Vawda alleged that the respondent was “simultaneously holding two offices [ECP member and post of Sindh Medical College’s principle] of profit in absolute violation of Article 216 of the Constitution”.

“He did not act expeditiously and effectively observed his oath rather he acted in contradictory to his legal and constitutional duties,” according to the complaint that sought disqualification of Durrani to save the "prestigious" institution from "contempt".

"That it is abundantly clear that the respondent has ceased of the mandatory requirements and prerequisites for being the member of the Election Commission of Pakistan, and he is neither honest, just nor fair, hence he cannot be allowed to remain in the incumbent office to save such a prestigious position from further humiliation and contempt,” the plea further maintained.

The PTI leader added that Durrani continuing as an ECP official meant “nothing but the contempt and disrespect of the wisdom of the people of Pakistan".

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“The respondent’s integrity, impartiality and honesty has been…compromised. In the circumstances, it would be absolutely fair to restrain the respondent from performing his duties as the member [of] ECP, to save the nation from the respondent who…instead of performing his duty…is hell-bent to defeat the letter and spirit of the Constitution.

“That it is most respectfully submitted that the appointment of the respondent in the incumbent office of 'Member Election Commission' has been held synonym to recklessness and his behavior and conduct are extremely alarming, disturbing and worrisome and require an immediate and effective interference of this worthy commission,” the complaint went on to add.

Vawda also accused Durrani of “complete violations of the rules and regulations, while favoring his own interest” as he sought his disqualification for “being incompetent, naïve, disrespectful to law and unable to perform his lawful duties and to encourage lawlessness”.

“…the respondent by virtue of his office can deter the fate of the hundreds of inquiries, investigations, or litigations. Hence any person with such a poor, dubious and murky track record can never be trusted and it will not be out of place to expect that the above-said findings…are only the tip of the iceberg,” the complaint added.

Vawda stated that the purpose of the complaint against Durrani was “to uphold the Constitution and ensure the rule of law”.

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