Utility stores jack up prices of various items

The prices of various items including pickles, biscuits, jellies, shoe polish, razor blade, toothpaste, dish wash, honey and noodles at the Utility Stores Corporation have witnessed an increase.

According to a USC notification issued on Saturday, the price of 100-gram toothpaste has been increased by Rs10 to Rs143 from Rs133.

The price of 275-gram dish wash has been increased by Rs50 to Rs140 from Rs90.

The price of a box of tissue paper has also been increased by Rs11 to Rs67 from Rs56.

The price of a small packet of baby diapers has been increased by Rs348 to Rs1,700 from Rs1,352.

The price of 800ml kitchen insecticide spray has also been increased by Rs300 to Rs790 from Rs490.

A branded 45g pack of Jasmine Green Tea has increased by Rs20 to Rs178 from Rs158. The price of 250g macaroni has increased by Rs11 to Rs90 from Rs79.

The price of a 300g jar of honey has increased by Rs60 to Rs379 from Rs310.

The price of 66g noodles has increased by Rs5 to Rs53 from Rs48.

The prices of pickles, biscuits and jellies of different brands has also been increased. The price of shoe polish, razor blade, and disposable razor has also been increased at the Utility Stores. Similarly, the price of two-and-a-half kilos of oil has been increased by Rs430.


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