UHS VC stated that Moderna mRNA and ZF2001 vaccines are expected to fight against Delta variants

Professor Javed Akram, Vice President of the University of Health Sciences (UHS).
  • UHS VC stated that the preliminary results of phase III clinical trials of three doses of the Chinese vaccine ZF2001 and Moderna mRNA showed promise for the Delta variant.
  • The results of the data released by the Chinese Academy of Sciences show that ZF-2001 retains its neutralizing effect on variants.
  • UHS VC stated that the university will start Cansino’s nasal vaccine trial in the country.

Islamabad: Professor Javed Akram, vice-president and principal investigator of vaccine trials at the Pakistan University of Health Sciences (UHS), claimed that the preliminary results of a phase III clinical trial of three doses of the Chinese vaccine ZF2001 and Moderna mRNA showed promise against the Delta variant of the coronavirus. news Report.

In a presidential speech at an international conference in Islamabad, Professor Javed Akram said on Sunday that vaccine developer Anhui Zhifeilongke is expected to announce the preliminary results of the trial on Monday (today).

He said, “The data results released by the Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences on July 16, 2021 show that ZF-2001 retains the neutralizing effect on Delta (variant). It is expected that the preliminary efficacy results of the Phase III clinical trial will be obtained on Monday, but Samples that received the third dose at longer intervals between the second injections showed greater activity against mutation.”

He insisted that the Chinese triple vaccine ZF2001 has obtained emergency use authorization (EUA) in China and Uzbekistan, and more than 100 doses have been vaccinated in both countries.

Professor Javed Akram said that data from Israel showed that Pfizer BioNTech’s mRNA vaccine Comirnaty is 64% effective in preventing Delta variant infections, which is less than 94%, but added that Moderna’s mRNA vaccine still shows resistance to Delta variants. The body’s hope that this seems to be 225% more infectious than the original SARS-Cov-2 strain.

He insisted that the university will start Cansino’s nasal vaccine trial in Pakistan, saying that nasal vaccine management does not require any syringes, and added that Cansino’s vaccine has also been proven to be effective against the Delta variant, and now they will conduct a booster dose for those who received the initial The jab.

According to him, they will also start a phase III clinical trial of another three-dose recombinant sf9 cell vaccine in China, which can be stored at 4-8 degrees Celsius and has been proven to be very effective against the new variant, adding that they are preparing Agreement to obtain Phase III clinical trials approved by the National Bioethics Committee (NBC) and the Drug Administration of Pakistan (DRAP).

Commenting on the effectiveness of different Covid-19 vaccine mixes, he claimed that many people have managed to get more than one vaccine in Pakistan, but added that if different traditional vaccines are mixed and matched, there is no conclusive evidence so far. Gene vaccines can effectively prevent new variants of coronavirus.

“We have launched a polyvac study and we are collecting data from people who have received more than one vaccine. We are providing a link where people can share their data, which will help us analyze the different vaccines. Is it useful to mix and match,” he added.

The chairman of PSIM lamented that Pakistan’s vaccination rate is not satisfactory. At least 160 million people need to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity. However, he added that so far, fewer than 30 million people have been vaccinated, of which less than 6 million have been fully vaccinated.

“At the current rate of vaccination, the goal of vaccinating 70% of Pakistan’s population by the end of this year seems impossible,” he added. Regarding the vaccination of pregnant women, he observed that they must vaccinate themselves, preferably using mRNA vaccines, because both Pfizer Morderna vaccines are now available in Pakistan, adding that it is recommended that pregnant women be in the second or third pregnancy. Three to three months of vaccination.

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