Twitch announces ban on unlicensed gambling streams

Twitch has announced a ban on unlicensed gambling streams on its platform after receiving backlash from its viewership.

The live streaming platform will not stream any sites that are not “licensed either in the US or other jurisdictions that provide sufficient consumer protection”.

The ban has been enforced explicitly on streaming sites including,,, and that target slots, roulette and dice games after observing the potential harm they have caused to the community.

As per the tweet, the amazon-owned streaming platform continues to focus on sites that cater to sports betting, fantasy sports and poker.

The action was taken after top streamers of Twitch threatened to stop using the platform if the policies did not change. Hence, Twitch has been reviewing its policies in this regard. If need be, the platform will ban other sites too. The new policy will come in to effect from October 18th.

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