Tweetbot, other Twitter apps still down


Third-party Twitter apps, Tweetbot, Twittereffic, and others, are still not working because of issues with Twitter’s API, despite complaints from users and developers.

Elon Musk remains silent as user outrage grows and no effort is made to fix the broken apps.

Twitter’s official API for developers is almost entirely offline, which has resulted in third-party client apps being inaccessible, showcasing an error message with a “problem authenticating with Twitter.”

Developers of Twittereffic, the Iconfactory, are directing its users to a webpage explaining the reason why the app is broken and inaccessible, with a warning that “something bad has happened at Twitter”.

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Podcaster and journalist Jason Snell believes that the API shutdown is intentional though he has no legit way to authenticate it.

But he isn’t the only one who believes so, many Twitter users have taken Musk’s silence on the matter as a sign that the API shutdown was done purposely to injure third-party apps without any warning.

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