Tim Cook says future Apple products will use more AI

Joining the trend of incorporating AI into products, Apple CEO Tim Cook admits that his company is interested in exploring more regarding the potential of generative AI.

Compared to Microsoft and Google, Apple has generally been slow and quiet about the topic of introducing generative AI into its software or products.

Breaking the silence recently, Cook addressed the topic at the company’s Q2 2023 earnings call.

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The CEO admitted that Apple would continue ‘weaving’ more AI in future products, however, the company will be highly cautious about the potential threats of the popular technology. He believes that specific issues must be sorted out before AI technology is introduced at a mass level through the products.

Apple already has AI-related features such as crash detection and heart monitoring in its devices. However, more incorporation will be done “on a very thoughtful basis”.

Following Apple’s policy of keeping its future roadmap private, Cook didn’t reveal any plans regarding AI.


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