TikTok will provide researchers with more transparency

TikTok is trying to provide convenience to researchers so they may have access to data and protocols related to the social platform.

Vanessa Pappas, TikTok COO, said in a blog post that the company will soon grant access to the platform’s framework and moderation system, to researchers.

She said the data would be “public and anonymized” and will be accessible to “selected researchers” who will be able to “assess content and trends or conducts tests.”

With access to its moderation systems and content on TikTok, researchers will be able to evaluate and experiment with different types of content.

The company also plans to grant access to its transparency centre later this year, which is a virtual hub where all policies, changes, and updates are made.

The company is making big transparency changes to tackle “covert influence operations” which it intends to publish in its community guidelines enforcement reports.

TikTok is striving to fight off the concerns of being a national security threat to the US due to its connection with China. News reports and Former US President, Donald Trump’s allegations, have increased the pressure on the company, as its parent company, Bytedance, is from China.

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