Tiffany reveals its first NFTs selling for $51,000

Luxury brand Tiffany & Co is starting their own line of NFTs, which will be put on sale from August 5. The jewellery brand revealed the news in a tweet of a pixelated grid revealing ‘NFTiiff’.

The tweet was not shy in revealing the selling price of the upcoming NFTs at 30 Ethereum, or $51,000.


Cozomo de’ Medici, an influential NFT trader tweeted that the NFTiffs would be a series of digital and physical pendants for Cryptopunks already owning similar NFTs.

The website promises a limited edition of 250 NFTiffs after the company worked on Web3 for months. Tiffany & Co. initially entered into the NFT world with their purchase of Okapi NFT from Tom Sachs for $380,000 and has set it as the company profile picture on Twitter since then. It also released an exclusive limited edition of TiffCoins which were engraved solid gold coins.

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