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Microsoft recently announced a new feature of its business communications platform Teams, aimed at improving its search capabilities. Known as “Popular Searches”, this new feature will be added to automatically generate the most relevant search results for users.

According to The Verge, Microsoft said that the “Top Hits” section will automatically suggest the most relevant results, including chats, files, people, and other content stored or shared in the application.

With this feature, you can find what you are searching for faster, because it builds on the AI-enabled search function that already exists in the early Teams. It will be on the line of the universal search function.

According to the new entry in the Microsoft 365 Cloud PC service roadmap, the “Top Hits” feature is still under development and is expected to be launched at the end of August.

Since COVID-19 began to cause havoc on a global scale, Microsoft has been trying to make Teams popular by adding a large number of features. These new features include video calls, file sharing, and more.

The company also enables Microsoft Teams users to combine work and personal accounts in the same application.

This feature was launched only a month ago and allows people to use their personal and work accounts simultaneously on the same application on a Windows PC, eliminating the need to switch between two different types of accounts.

According to The Verge, Microsoft has also added new video conferencing features to the platform, such as reporter mode, prominent mode, and side-by-side mode during the pandemic.

In all these modes, the background of the presenter on Microsoft Teams is removed from the presentation and replaced by the content to be displayed or the picture of the person presenting that particular piece of content, or both according to their preferences.

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