The Suns warn fans against violence after a dispute with Clippers fans

So far, the Suns have had a successful playoff game and fans are enjoying every minute.

Maybe a little too much.

After winning the Suns’ first game against the Clippers in the Western Conference Finals on Sunday, a pair of Clippers fans quarreled in the lobby of the Phoenix Suns Arena. A video went viral on the Internet, showing a wave. The Suns fans quickly surrounded the Clippers fans and the situation turned into a brawl, According to TMZ.

The Suns have seen enough.

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“The Phoenix Suns performed well in the NBA playoffs. Although the tension on the court continues to heat up, we still hope that the Suns fans remain calm off the court. We will not tolerate the violence that broke out after Sunday’s game in the Phoenix Suns. The team’s arena. We think that the Suns fans are the best in the world. Fighting or taunting inciting violence does not reflect how our organization or should represent the fans of the entire valley. We are better than this. Let us work together to provide fun An exemplary fan experience with enthusiasm, enthusiasm and respect,” the Suns said in a statement on Twitter.

Suns fans have recently made headlines, but not for all the reasons the team hoped.

First of all, there is a guy with a “Quarter of the Suns”. He had an argument with Nuggets fans in the third game of the Suns vs. Nuggets series because his head was poured over his head by beer. And finally left to declare the “Quartile of the Sun”. Then, after the Suns defeated the Clippers 120-114, an argument broke out, prompting Phoenix to make a statement.

For ordinary fans, this is already the playoffs, and they are obviously happy to be back in the stands.A fan is ejected Throw popcorn at Russell Westbrook, Another fan threw one Kyrie Irving’s Water Bottle with Another ran to court. That is Just a few examples so far.

As the playoffs get deeper and deeper, who knows what’s left as the stakes in the conference finals and NBA finals get higher and higher.

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