The court invaders tried to take a selfie with the British team who was brutally treated by the guards

Muhammad Ayshaam, 25, from Oldham, said he wanted to have fun and take selfies with the closest players.Photo: Geographic News Reporter

London: A cricket fan broke into the court in Pakistan’s second T20 match against England in Headingley. He complained that he was beaten by security guards.

speak Geographic News Mohamed Isham, 25, from the accident and emergency department of Oldham Hospital, from Oldham, said he wanted to have fun with the nearest player Adil Rashid when he rushed into the court towards the end of the game And take a selfie.

The scene shows that Ayshaam avoided at least five security guards on the way, rushed into the court, went straight to Rashid, stopped there for three seconds to try to take a selfie, and then ran back to the stands, successfully avoiding the chase The security guards his.

When Ayshaam turned back into the crowd and ran into the stands to join the crowd, thousands of cricket fans cheered and applauded, while the security guards continued to chase.

But Asham, who worked in a warehouse and carried the “Free Palestine” flag with him when he invaded the stadium, said he was “badly beaten” by security guards. When he was about to run out, a British fan stretched out his leg to make him fall, then two Pakistani security guards tried to catch him, and Isham also avoided them.

Then four to five security guards chased him, and one of them dealt with Ayshaam on the ground.

He said, “I’m falling on the concrete with all my strength. I have a deep wound [my[ left elbow and on both hands. I couldn’t stand when they tripped and pushed me. They also dragged me even when I requested to sit down on [the] ground. My left foot hurts badly. I couldn’t stand it, they continued to drag and push me. “

He added: “I am not violent, nor am I a threat to anyone. I have [a] Back problems and neck injuries and large swelling on my feet. I have been in the hospital for more than 10 hours and have received treatment for deep wounds. I shouldn’t get this. “

Ayshaam said that he had complained to the police about excessive use of force by security guards.

The British Cricket Commission and other sports administrations have announced that it is unacceptable for fans to invade the venue, and those involved in anti-social behavior will be fully dealt with by regulations and laws.

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