The brother of MPA Asad Khokar was killed when an unidentified man opened fire near a car in CM Punjab

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  • The late Malik Mubashir Khokhar was shot and taken to the hospital, but died from his injuries.
  • The assailant was arrested on the spot by CM’s security team.
  • According to the police, the attacker admitted to shooting at Mubashir out of personal hatred.

Lahore: On Friday, when Usman Bazdar, Chief Minister of Punjab State, attended the funeral of the son of MPA Asad Khokhar, one person was killed after a shooting in Lahore.

According to the police, Malik Mubashir Khokhar, the brother of Asad Khokhar, was killed in the incident. He was injured when an unidentified man opened fire. He was subsequently transferred to a private hospital but was unable to recover.

Police said the shooting occurred after the chief minister of Punjab Province Usman Bazdal left the funeral site. However, witnesses told the police that a fire broke out a few yards from his car.

personal enmity

The attacker has been detained, and preliminary investigations revealed that the shooting was out of personal hatred.

The attacker told the police that Malik Mubashir Khokhar was suspected of being involved in the killing of his uncle, which is why he shot and retaliated against him.

The Chief Minister of Punjab Province Usman Bazdar (Usman Bazdar) has noticed the shooting and requested the Punjab Provincial Police Chief (IG) to submit a report. He ordered action against the arrested suspect in accordance with the law.

The chief minister’s spokesperson said that the suspect was captured on the spot by CM’s security team.

It is worth mentioning that Assad Khohar announced today that he has been included in the provincial cabinet and has issued a notice, but he has not yet been sworn in.

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