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A Kaspersky survey showed that approximately 34% of Indian respondents do not use dating apps because they fear that they may be deceived by fraudsters. 43% also said that they don’t trust people on dating apps. At the same time, 27% of respondents stated that they were actually the target of cybercriminals, and 36% added that they managed to avoid being attacked even after being contacted by scammers.

Dating apps can be a bridge between two people, they can be used to meet new friends, but it also brings a series of challenges, including fraudsters abusing the app to deceive innocent people for money. Kaspersky pointed out that scammers have shown interest in these dating platforms because they know that people on these platforms are looking for personal connections and can be exploited.

According to the survey, users must have raised questions such as catfish (33%), malicious links or attachments (38%), or discovered that their identity has been stolen (36%).

Among the respondents who managed to avoid the attack, approximately 42% were able to identify fraudsters who had suspicious personal data but turned out to be fake; be very careful and never send money to dating apps (48%) or follow suspicious messages ( 37%). Nearly 29% of survey respondents said that when scammers refused to make a video call, they became suspicious.

The lack of privacy can become a serious problem with dating apps. 26% of respondents found that they were worried about their personal data being circulated online. 24% of users said they deleted dating apps because they wanted to protect the privacy of personal information.

“Online dating can be regarded as a risky adventure, because at the beginning of your acquaintance, you knew nothing about each other. However, paying attention to some red flags can help you stay alert and pay attention to your number matching behavior. If they are dating online If you ask for money or personal information on the first or second day, it’s best to consider whether it’s safe to continue communicating. In addition, security measures can help ensure your online dating experience is safe and enjoyable,” said David Jacoby, a security researcher at Kaspersky .

“Anyone who signs up on a dating app is, in principle, willing to open up and disclose personal information to a certain extent. After all, mutual understanding requires willingness to share detailed information about themselves. If this kind of openness-and what comes with it A little unarmed-being exploited can be very harmful. In a mock meeting, people want to be able to identify whether someone’s intentions are good or bad. But here, it’s also possible to go wrong, because experienced scammers can disguise themselves very well, “Jacoby added.

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