Steam working on transferring games via peer-to-peer LAN

Video game digital distribution service Steam is working on transferring games over peer-to-peer Local Area Network (LAN) to save internet bandwidth and let users copy games between PCs rather than downloading them.

As of now, users with multiple computers have to install the same software and game across all the devices, which results in increasing the load on internet bandwidth.

To make things easier, the new feature will only require the users to copy games between the computers on the same local area network (LAN) rather than waiting for them to get re-downloaded.

As per Techspot, the feature can also allow users to skip the decryption process Steam takes on when installing games on PCs.


Pavel Djundik, Steam DB’s creator, didn’t provide more details regarding the transfer mode. Valve might give both options, wireless transfer between systems on the same Wi-Fi network or through ethernet cables.

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