Spotify releases Car Thing to play music while you drive

Spotify’s Car Thing is a small smart player costing $89.99 to play music in your car, wherever you go. Available for premium users only, the device will connect to your Spotify account and phone for data, to play music on the go, hands-free.

You will no longer need to control your music through your phone, Car Thing will respond to your voice commands as you drive and control what you listen to. You can talk to the device by saying, “hey Spotify” and then asking for your favorite artist, song, album, station, or podcast. With the dial, you can browse, select, play, pause and discover; while the touch screen display will show what’s playing and allow you to swipe to play the next track. Four preset buttons on the device will give you shortcuts to your favorite artist, album, playlist, station, etc.

Car Thing will need to be connected to a 12V battery using a cable and power adapter. To play music, you will need to connect the device using Bluetooth to your phone, which also needs to be connected to the car stereo via Bluetooth or AUX cable. The Spotify device comes with magnets that will easily attach itself to the front or anywhere you place it for convenience. Roadtrips will become a whole lot of fun with these devices accompanying you along the way as you listen to whatever you want with ease.

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