Sony’s iconic Walkman is back but with a hefty price tag

Sony’s iconic Walkman is back but with a hefty price tag

Sony’s iconic Walkman is finally making a come-back with its series starting from $1600 to a gold-plated version costing $3200.

The music player has evolved into a beautiful design with up-to-date features, no longer the 1980s version which costed $100 to $200.

The Walkman series has been released to target a niche market of audiophiles who want to listen to higher-quality “lossless” audio formats. The devices contain high-end components to “help you get the most out of your music”, with additional data. The Walkmans support extra storage as well with an SD card slot, along with an internal storage of 128 GB in the $1600 Walkman model and 256 GB with the $3200 model.

Six years since the release of WM1Z, Sony has been working to develop and innovate the gadget with “tremendous sound”. With oxygen-free copper chassis (99.99%), stronger power supply, S-Master HX, large solid high polymer capacitor, and more, the new Walkman has been developed to produce soft, delicate but heightened sound.

The gadgets are expected to be released this coming April, according to The Business Insider.

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