Sony believes 2023 will be a significant year for Playstation 5


As of now, Sony’s PlayStation 5 has entered its third year of release. The fans now await the launch of Playstation 5 Pro.

In a conversation with a Japanese magazine, Famitsu, Hideaki Nishino, SIE Platform Experience SVP, discussed the plans. Nishino hinted at the possibility of an update for the platform. He expressed that the year 2022 has been quite well in cumulative sales. Hence, they look forward to carrying the same momentum in the coming year.

“By the end of fiscal 2022, cumulative sales will exceed 37 million units, and we believe that it will be a very important time for the platform as well. I hope you will look forward to next year (2023),” he mentioned.

Regarding the upcoming Playstation 5, Insider gaming reports that it will have a console with a detachable disc drive connected to the PlayStation 5 using an extra USB-C port on the back. This model is expected to replace all the older ones.

Microsoft and Sony have been in tough competition over the years. In a move to adapt to the recent changes and rapidly increasing competition in the industry, Sony is trying its best to bring the most updated products and retain its user base.

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