Sindh provincial government bans back seat riding in Karachi in Ashura

During Ashura, it is forbidden to ride in the back seat.File photo
  • As a partial modification to the previous order, the ban on back seat riding has been enforced.
  • The revised order applies to the 8th, 9th and 10th of Muharram.
  • The ban imposed as part of the blockade restrictions was lifted last Saturday.

Karachi: The Sindh Ministry of Interior has banned back seat riding in the city during the upcoming Muharram festival.

In the notice issued on Thursday, the Ministry of the Interior announced the prohibition of riding in the back seat, as part of the amendment to the notice issued last Saturday, allowing two people to ride motorcycles.

According to the notice, the revised order is applicable to the eighth, ninth and tenth days of the Hijri calendar.

“In the continuation and partial modification of the even-numbered notice of the department dated 28-7-2021, the Karachi Division’s rear seat riding ban shall be AH 8th, 9th and 10th Muharram Month 1443 day.”

A copy of the notice with the seal of the Minister of the Interior Qazi Shahid Pervez has been sent to the Chief Secretary of the Governor of Sindh, the Chief Secretary of Sindh, the Director-General of Sindh of the Pakistan Rangers, the IGP of Sindh and other relevant subordinate officials .

Sindh provincial government bans back seat riding in Karachi in Ashura

Sindh province lifts rear seat ban

The Sindh provincial government has decided to lock down immediately until August 8, as the province will continue to fight the surge in the risk of COVID-19 infection. Geographic News Reported last Friday.

However, the back seat ban imposed as part of the province’s lockdown restrictions was lifted on Saturday, just after the lockdown took effect.

A notice issued by the Ministry of the Interior on Saturday said: “Restrictions on riding in the back seat have been lifted.”

Article 144 implemented in Peshawar

In addition, a notice was issued to implement Article 144 in Peshawar from the 1st to the 13th Hijri calendar.

The notice stated that it is forbidden to ride in cars and riders in the city to use colored glasses.

The notice containing the above-mentioned order stated that the city will also restrict chalk drawing, hatred or provocative speech, and distribution of pamphlets within the specified time.

In addition, it is forbidden to carry and display weapons and stand on the route designated for the asura parade, and only allow the use of speakers during prayer and Friday sermons.

In addition, the notice prohibits Afghan refugees from leaving their refugee camps in the city.

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