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Shocking!The New OnePlus Nord 2 exploded in the hanging bag, the company provides compensation technology news

In what can be described as the most shocking incident, a new OnePlus Nord 2 5G suddenly exploded in the messenger bag of a woman in Bangalore, causing damage. Her husband notified the unfortunate and potentially fatal incident on Twitter. But he later deleted the tweet because it was very popular.

Twitter user Ankur Sharma complained through his tweet that the OnePlus Nord 2 explosion occurred on Sunday morning. According to reports, her wife took a smartphone and rode out in her sling bag.

“suddenly [the] The phone exploded and it started to smoke. Because of this explosion, she had an accident,” the user said in a tweet. In addition, the user also posted photos of the damaged OnePlus Nord 2 5G.

The official OnePlus support account replied to Sharma’s tweet on Twitter, asking him to communicate further with the company through direct messages.

“Hi Ankul. We are very happy to hear about your experience. We are deeply concerned about this and hope to compensate you. We ask you to contact us via direct message so that we can make corrections and help you Turn the situation around,” the tweet read.

However, it is not clear whether OnePlus compensated the affected users for this tweet.

OnePlus Nord 2 was recently launched, equipped with a 4,500mAh battery, and equipped with MediaTek Dimensity SoC on the Qualcomm chipset.

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