Sheikh Rashid reiterated that Pakistan will not provide air bases to the United States

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid speaks at a press conference in Rawalpindi on July 11, 2021. — YouTube/HumNewsLive

Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said on Sunday that Pakistan will stick to its decision not to provide air bases to the United States and reiterate the government’s determination to peace in Afghanistan.

At a press conference in Rawalpindi, the minister said that with the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, politics in the region are moving in a new direction.

“Pakistan longs for peace in Afghanistan,” the interior minister said, emphasizing that the government and the opposition are in agreement in this regard.

Rashid’s statement follows U.S. President Joe Biden’s announcement last week that his military mission in Afghanistan will end on August 31.

“We didn’t go to Afghanistan for nation-building,” Biden said. “It is the right and responsibility of the Afghan people to determine their future and how they want to manage their country.”

The Minister of the Interior said that the “good Taliban” are advancing and gaining power in Afghanistan.

The Minister of the Interior said: “It is important not only for Pakistan but for the entire region to start negotiations with the Taliban in Afghanistan.”

“No superpower can ignore Pakistan […] We have no pressure,” he said, reiterating that the country will not provide anyone with a base for operations in Afghanistan.

The Interior Minister stated that India is facing “embarrassment” in Afghanistan, and New Delhi has no choice but to withdraw its personnel from there.

He clarified why it is necessary to achieve peace in war-torn Afghanistan. He said that unless Afghanistan is stable, Chinese investment will not bear fruit.

He said that India has carried out terrorist activities in Afghanistan and has been sending false news about Pakistan to the world for the past 40 years.

Rashid said that Pakistan’s policy has changed, just like “the Taliban has changed,” and asserted that Islamabad will accept any government supported by the Afghan people.

When talking about border crossing with Afghanistan, the minister said that only “the border between Tolkam and Chaman will remain open”, adding that only vaccinated Pakistanis are allowed to enter the country.

Last month, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan made it clear in an interview with Jonathan Swan of HBO Axios that after the United States withdraws, Pakistan will not hand over its base to the United States for operations in Afghanistan.

PTI forms government in AJK: Rashid

The Interior Minister slammed the opposition leaders, saying that when they made speeches against Prime Minister Imran Khan during Azad’s campaign in Jammu and Kashmir, it showed that their intentions were clear.

“They have political problems […] May Allah solve it,” he said.

Rashid said that the United States and Britain knew that opposition leaders had many bank accounts there and criticized them for merely defending the position of the occupied Kashmir people on television.

“Imran Khan will fight for the cause of Kashmir on a global scale, and PTI will form a government in the upcoming AJK elections,” he said, adding: “PTI is a national political party, and the Pakistani army is our country. army.”

The 11th AJK Legislative Assembly elections will be held on July 25.

The Minister of the Interior delivered a speech at a public rally held by PTI candidate Javed Butt-he will participate in the LA-43 competition-saying that PPP Chairman Vilavar Bhutto and PML-N Vice President Mariam are resorting to non-parliamentary languages, and Said that only they claimed to rig the election.

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