Shahbaz Gill says road accident an ‘assassination’ attempt

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and former special assistant to prime minister Shahbaz Gill, who sustained minor injuries in a road accident on Lahore-Islamabad motorway, has said that he survived an “assassination attempt”.

مجھ پر قاتلانہ حملہ کروانے والوں کو بتانا چاہتا ہوں۔ اپنے مولا اور قوم کی دعاؤں کی وجہ سے زندہ ہوں۔ میری گاڑی کا پیچھا کر کے جان بوجھ کر ہٹ کیا گیا۔یہ ایک منصوبے کے تحت کیا گیا

میں نے کل ہی کہا تھا کہ کیا زیادہ سے زیادہ آپ ہمیں قتل کروا دیں گے ؟ کروا لیں۔ غداری نہیں کروں گا۔
— Dr. Shahbaz GiLL (@SHABAZGIL) May 5, 2022

Without naming anyone, Gill wrote on his official Twitter handle that his car was chased and deliberately hit “under a plot”.

“I will continue to stand by [Imran] Khan… I want to tell the nation that they will also attack Khan. They will try to silence us at all costs,” he added.

خان کے ساتھ کھڑا تھا کھڑا ہوں اور کھڑا رہوں گا۔میں آج قوم کو بتانا چاہتا ہوں یہ خان پر بھی حملہ آور ہوں گے۔ یہ ہر قیمت پر ہمیں چپ کروانے کی کوشش کریں گے۔ بیرونی سازش اس کے لوکل ہینڈلرز اور غداروں کو یہ پتہ ہے کہ خان اور اس کے ساتھی چپ نہیں بیٹھیں گے انشاللہ سب کو بے نقاب کریں گے
— Dr. Shahbaz GiLL (@SHABAZGIL) May 5, 2022

The former special assistant was traveling to Islamabad from Lahore. According to reports, motorway police officials have arrived on the scene.

شہباز گل کی گاڑی کو موٹر وے پر خوفناک حادثہ، پیچھے سے آنے والی گاڑی کی ٹکر سے شہباز گل زخمی، شہباز گل لاہور سے اسلام آباد روانہ ہوئے تھے!
— Abdul Qadir (@AbdulqadirARY) May 5, 2022

Four individuals, who are yet to be identified, were travelling with Gill earlier today when their car met with an accident on the motorway. Sources privy to the matter have mentioned that all passengers sustained minor injuries and had been immediately shifted to the nearest hospital.

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Gill was recently named in the FIR registered under the blasphemy law over the Masjid-e-Nabwi incident.

The FIRs were lodged on Sunday against former premier Imran and other top leaders of the party in Faisalabad and other cities of Punjab over their alleged involvement in the incident in Masjid-e-Nabwi, where some Pakistani pilgrims shouted slogans against the new government and ridiculed Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and the federal ministers.

The charges were registered under sections 295, 295-A, 296, and 109 of the Pakistan Penal Code. The sections relate to harming a place of worship with intent to insult a religion, deliberate and malicious intent to outrage religious sentiment, disturbing religious assembly and abetment.

However, the Islamabad High Court on May 2 had passed an order stopping the government from arresting Gill, who is Imran's chief of staff, on his return from the United States. Gill returned to Pakistan yesterday.

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