SC should take suo motu notice of deteriorating crises: Rashid

Former interior minister and Awami Muslim League (AML) president Sheikh Rashid Ahmed on Sunday said the Supreme Court should take a suo motu notice of the economic and political crises deteriorating at an alarming speed.
In a tweet, the AML chief said a slew of ill-advised economic policies of the PML-N-led government which, he said, comprised of “opportunists”, presaged another hike in inflation, especially an increase in the electricity prices.
Citing the plummeting rupee and costly import of liquefied natural gas (LNG), Ahmed said the import bill of the country had increased by 100% in just one month while the foreign exchange reserves dipped, adding that the remittances have also slowed.
Ahmed's statement came as the IMF has already asked Pakistan to control its ballooning current account deficit, which is under pressure due to the surge in commodity prices including oil. The government has in recent weeks withdrawn subsidies on petroleum products several times, creating rippling effects far from petrol stations — a tough decision it says it had to take due to the negotiations initiated with the global lender by the previous government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).
Lacing in the "imported government", Sheikh Rashid in his statement alleged that the government was ingratiating itself with the US for a successful deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), seeking its intercession for the task.
“They are on the US’ feet for IMF agreement. The imported government is another name for opportunism,” he said in a tweet, adding the incumbent dispensation only concerned itself with the disposal of their corruption cases.
Lashing out at the PML-N supremo, Ahmed said Nawaz Sharif should now honour the party’s rallying cry of “vote ko izzat do” (respect the vote) and come back to Pakistan.
“May God have mercy on Pakistan now that Asif Zardari has taken the reins of the PPP.”
Referring to the recent chaotic budget sessions of the Punjab Assembly, the former interior minister said the provincial assembly held two sessions simultaneously while the election of 20 deviant members in Punjab will be decided by the government with a majority of one vote.
“The circumstances are worsening at an alarming pace. The Supreme Court should take a suo motu notice of the crisis,” he added.

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