SC decides to skip summer break, function at 'maximum strength'

In a bid to clear the backlog of cases pending at the apex court, the Supreme Court has decided to skip its summer break and function at maximum strength at its principal seat in Islamabad and other registries said a statement on Sunday.

According to the statement issued by the top court, the decision was taken as the apex court was being cognizant of pendency and backlog of cases and wanted to dispense justice to the public at large during the summer spell that is commencing from June 13.

Over the past four months, the top court had witnessed a decline of 1,182 cases; whereas, during the last week ending June 10, it disposed of 568 cases. At least 183 cases were filed in the period.

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The top court has constituted four benches in the first week of the summer spell – three at the principal branch and one at the Karachi registry with two larger benches on June 13-14.

The same routine will be followed during the entire summer spell in the current year.

Backlog of SC cases

Pendency in the apex court has decreased as it has disposed of 1,182 cases during the last four months in its bid to clear the backlog.

According to a statement issued by the SC at the time, the backlog which stood at 53,964 on January 31, 2022, has been now reduced to 52,796.

“As per statistics, a total of 6,509 cases were instituted in this court during the period from February 01, 2022, to May 37, 2022, while 7,691 cases were disposed of during the same period,” the statement had read.

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Despite working at the strength of 14, the average disposal per judge during the said period of four months was 549 compared to 233 for the same period in the previous year

"From December 31, 2013, onwards, the backlog in this court has increased from 20,517 to 53,560 on December 31, 2021. The annual increase in pendency ranged between 1,087 in the year 2014 to 7,203 in the year 2021,” it had further shared.

The last four months have seen a decline in pending cases for the first time since December 31, 2013, the statement issued by SC had said.


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