Ready to die but won’t accept ‘govt of slaves, thieves:’ Imran

Former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan has said that he is ready to go to jail or could even sacrifice his life for “real freedom” of the country but will not accept the incumbent government led by “slaves of US and thieves”.

“I will not accept this government of slaves and thieves till I am alive… I will not bow down before anyone nor will let my people be a slave to anyone,” he said while addressing a rally in Punjab’s Okara district on Thursday.

The anti-government public gathering was part of his party’s ongoing campaign to pile pressure on the PML-N-led government to call early elections.

The deposed premier has time and again claimed that a “foreign plot” was hatched to topple his government over his refusal to have Pakistan’s foreign policy be influenced by others.

Since his ouster, he has held public rallies in major cities of the country and announced that he would give a call for a long march to Islamabad after May 20.

Imran reiterated his allegations that foreign conspiracy was behind his ouster from power, saying: “Not America but Biden administration conspired with ‘three stooges’ to topple my government”.

“This is a decisive moment for our country to decide whether we want to live in an independent country or remain a slave of the US,” he said while asking his supporters to participate in the long march to Islamabad to achieve the “real freedom”.

“I am asking the courageous youth to participate in the war for real freedom… like people participated for the independence of Pakistan in 1947.”

Hitting out at his political opponents, Imran said the coalition government led by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif came into power to end the accountability process and get relief in corruption cases.

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“One brother hurl abuses at the army while another polishes boot,” said the PTI chief referring to the Sharif brothers.

“This is a sign of the day of judgement that a man like Asif Ali Zardari speaks about reforming NAB [National Accountability Bureau.”

The PTI chief also referred to the reports that the FIA had decided not to pursue the money laundering case against PM Shehbaz and his son saying such steps will put the country on the path of destruction.

Imran said his government was toppled at a time when he rescued the country from bankruptcy and the country’s economy he said was growing.

Without naming anyone, Imran said he informed those who were supposed to foil ‘foreign conspiracy’ against his government. “I told those who could have stopped this conspiracy… told them that economy would suffer if the conspiracy is succeeded and [then finance minister] Shaukat Tarin also told them but unfortunately we could not do anything,” he lamented.

“What was our fault? We improved exports, our tax revenues, our industry was growing, our economy was improving and yet we faced a conspiracy,” he remarked.

Imran said he will give a call for a long march after May 20 and asked the people to participate in the protest without any fear. “No one should have any fear. We will protest against these corrupt people."

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The PTI has finalised its plan and strategies to lead out its anti-government long march and to draw a deluge of protestors from across the country to Islamabad and block the routes leading to and from the capital, sources privy to the plans said.

“As soon as the call for the long march is announced, various cities will be jammed,” the sources shared and added the points of convergence have also been determined for the demonstrators to bring the city to halt.

His first anti-government roadshow on April 13 in the centre of his party’s political power, Peshawar, saw a big turnout where Imran announced his plan to continue protesting against the newly-installed government until fresh elections were held.

He termed the newly-formed set up an “imported government” and lashed out at Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, saying the “decisive moment” had come for the people to decide if they wanted “slavery or liberty”.

Meanwhile, senior PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry said in a video statement that Imran Khan will make an important announcement in today’s power show. “Millions of people are ready to come to Islamabad for the real freedom march,” he added.

عمران خان اٹک جلسے میں ایک اہم پیغام دیں گے،حقیقی آزادی مارچ میں لاکھوں لوگ اسلام آباد آنے کو تیار ہیں۔،یہ ایک ایسا احتجاج ہوگا جس کی مثال ایشیاء میں نہیں ملے گی- @fawadchaudhry #امپورٹڈ__حکومت__نامنظور
— PTI (@PTIofficial) May 12, 2022


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