Punjab vaccinates students in medical schools

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Lagore: The Punjab Provincial Government has decided to vaccinate students in all medical schools to protect the most vulnerable people from coronavirus infection.

According to the relevant report Geographic NewsThe decision was made on Tuesday at a meeting chaired by Dr. Yasmin Rashid, Minister of Health of Punjab.

The government discussed possible measures to vaccinate people in 30 other sectors, where the risk of contracting the virus is high.

Rashid said that the provincial government is increasing vaccination across the province, adding that it is collecting data to expand the scope of vaccination in Punjab.

Coronavirus positive rate drops sharply in Punjab

A report issued by the Punjab State Ministry of Health last week showed that the positive rate of corona in Punjab State has dropped significantly.

According to a report from Earth News on Sunday, overall, the positive rate in Punjab has dropped to 3.13%, while in Lahore, the positive rate has dropped to 2.42%.

Dr. Yasmin Rashid said: “Strict implementation of the SOP has led to a reduction in coronavirus testing. As of today, there have been 901 cases in the province. The first reported cases in the province were less than 1,000.”

She added: “NCOC’s goal is to provide Punjab with another 140,000 vaccines in May.” The minister emphasized that wearing masks can save up to 72% of the chance of virus transmission. He urged citizens to strictly abide by the COVID-19 agreement.

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