PTI long march: Provinces directed to ‘act in unison’, follow Constitution

The Ministry of Interior has directed all provincial governments to “act in unison” to maintain law and order in the country and warned public servants against joining any protest in the wake of PTI’s long march towards Islamabad, starting from Lahore Friday (today).

In a notification dated October 26, the ministry said the importance of adhering to the Constitution and laws of the land by all relevant including the federal/provincial/special area governments can “hardly be over-emphasised as it is an obligation for all governments under the constitutional and legal framework of the country”.

The ministry said no political party should be allowed to destabilise the state through forceful measures like a long march. “It is therefore imperative that federal and provincial governments should act in unison and follow the constitutional provisions.”

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“In this regard, attention is invited to Article 148 (1) of the Constitution, whereby the executive authority of every province shall be so exercised as to secure compliance with federal laws which apply in that province. Moreover, as per Article 149 (4) of the Constitution, if there is any grave menace to the peace, tranquillity or economic life of Pakistan or any part thereof, the executive authority of the federation shall also extend to the giving of directions to a province as to the manner in which the executive authority thereof is to be exercised for the purpose of preventing such menace.”

The communiqué said the government employees are bound to act as servants of the state and their actions should be subservient to the relevant constitutional provisions to ensure smooth conduct of relations between the federation and the provinces.

“There should be a defined way of carrying out protests as enshrined in the Constitution and enunciated in various judgements of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. It is equally important to ensure that no government employee be allowed to join any such protest,” it added.

The ministry reiterated that any deviation from the Constitution and laws of the land shall not be allowed at any cost.

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