Protests break out across country after assassination bid on PTI chief

Following the assassination attempt on former prime minister Imran Khan, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) workers and supporters protested across the country by burning tyres and blocking roads, Express News reported on Thursday.

According to details, many PTI workers took to the streets in different cities of the country including Karachi, Lahore, Hyderabad, Peshawar and Rawalpindi soon after the attack and chanted slogans against the incumbent government.

چیئرمین عمران خان پر قاتلانہ حملے کیخلاف ملک بھر میں شدید احتجاج جاری۔
— PTI (@PTIofficial) November 3, 2022

When non political people conduct political press conferences and when people see no action against those threatening #ImranKhan, the mistrust in Establishment grows. It is alarming to see people protesting in front of Core Commander House Peshawar! #عمران_خان_ہماری_ریڈ_لاین_ہے
— PTI (@PTIofficial) November 3, 2022

#ImranKhan protest in #Quetta #PTILongMarch
— Syed Ali Shah (@alishahjourno) November 3, 2022

عمران بنو گے؟
ہاں بھئی ہاں!

جہلم کا عمران خان اور اس مٹی سے وعدہ ہے کہ جان جاتی ہے تو جائے لیکن غلامی قبول نہیں کریں گے اور خون کے آخری قطرے تک اپنے کپتان کے ساتھ اس حقیقی آزادی کی جدوجہد میں شانہ ںشانہ کھڑے رہے گے۔
— PTI (@PTIofficial) November 3, 2022

Sentiments right now of Awaam!
— PTI (@PTIofficial) November 3, 2022

صوابی میں چیئرمین عمران خان پر قاتلانہ حملے کیخلاف شدید احتجاج جاری۔

— PTI (@PTIofficial) November 3, 2022

چیئرمین پاکستان تحریک انصاف عمران خان پر بزدلانہ قاتلانہ حملے پر بونیر کی عوام میں غم و غصے کی لہر، ملک بھر کے دیگر شہروں کی طرح ضلع بونیر کے عوام سٹرکوں پر نکل آئی۔#عمران_خان_ہماری_ریڈ_لائن_ہے
— PTI (@PTIofficial) November 3, 2022

چیئرمین عمران خان پر قاتلانہ حملہ کے خلاف تمرگرہ دیر لوئر میں عوام کی بڑی تعداد سڑکوں پر نکل آئی، احتجاجی مظاہرے جاری۔ #عمران_خان_ہماری_ریڈ_لاین_ہے
— PTI (@PTIofficial) November 3, 2022


In Karachi, PTI workers protested in various areas of the city including Shireen Jinnah Colony, Singer Chowrangi and Sharea Faisal. The horrible news choked the routine life of the city as many areas experienced traffic jams.

Protests in multiple areas of Karachi after the assassination attempt on #ImranKhan.
— Wajahat Kazmi (@KazmiWajahat) November 3, 2022

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf says its workers are currently holding protests against attack on #ImranKhan at 24 spots in Karachi #Firing
— Naimat Khan (@NKMalazai) November 3, 2022


In Rawalpindi, the protesters reached Faizabad Interchange and protested by burning tyres and blocking the road from Faizabad to Islamabad. They also shouted slogans against the government.

احمد پور شرقیہ ، اوچ شریف ، چنی گوٹھ میں تحریک انصاف کے کارکنان کا عمران خان اور دیگر پی ٹی آئی رہنماؤں پر حملہ کے خلاف احتجاج ، وفاقی حکومت کے خلاف نعرے بازی ،احمد پور شرقیہ میں ٹائر جلاکر روڈ بلاک کردی
— PTI (@PTIofficial) November 3, 2022

Due to the protest, long queues of vehicles going to Islamabad were formed. PTI workers also came out on Murree Road and blocked it by burning tyres.

PTI women workers also reached the National Press Club in Islamabad and protested against the firing incident at PTI long march in Wazirabad.

Later, the women workers were taken into custody by Islamabad police.

Protest starts in Rawalpindi!
Protests have started in different places across Pakistan against today's attack!
— PTI Politics. (@PTIPoliticsss) November 3, 2022


PTI demonstrators are protesting in 11 areas of Lahore including Governor House Chowk, Dubai Chowk, Bhekaywal Chowk, Liberty Chowk, Shadra Chowk, GPO Chowk, Shadman Chowk, Babu Sabu Chowk, Shama Chowk and Shaukat Khanum Chowk. The protestors blocked the road causing traffic gridlocks.

چیئرمین عمران خان پر قاتلانہ حملے کیخلاف لبرٹی لاہور میں عوام کی بہت بڑی تعداد سراپا احتجاج۔

— PTI (@PTIofficial) November 3, 2022

عمران خان پر قاتلانہ حملے کے بعد سیالکوٹ کی تمام بڑی شاہراہوں کو بند کردیا گیا ہے!
داخلی اور خارجی تمام رستے بند!
— Usman Dar (@UdarOfficial) November 3, 2022

Thousands gathered outside @SKMCH Lahore for their leader @ImranKhanPTI

May Allah bless him with health ( Ameen) #عمران_خان_ہماری_ریڈ_لائن_ہے
— Rabia Malik (@RabiaaMalikPK) November 3, 2022


In Hyderabad, PTI activists protested in front of the Insaf House in Latifabad and raised slogans against the PML-N-led government. The protesters condemned the shooting incident on a peaceful long march, terming it a conspiracy.


During a protest outside the house of Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah in Faisalabad, angry PTI workers pelted stones at his house and shouted slogans against him.

فیصل آباد : ڈی ٹائپ پُل دھرنے پر فائرنگ ۔
ہم ڈٹ کر یہیں کھڑے رہیں گے جو مرضی کر لو۔ فرخ حبیب
— PTI (@PTIofficial) November 3, 2022

عمران خان پر قاتلانہ حملہ کیخلاف D type پل سمندری روڈ فصل آباد پر عوام سڑکوں پر نکل آئی ہے۔@FarrukhHabibISF #عمران_خان_ہماری_ریڈ_لاین_ہے
— PTI (@PTIofficial) November 3, 2022

فیصل آباد: @FarrukhHabibISF کی قیادت میں ڈی ٹائپ چوک فیصل آباد میں شدید احتجاج جاری- #عمران_خان_ہماری_ریڈ_لاین_ہے
— PTI (@PTIofficial) November 3, 2022

فیصل آباد: @FarrukhHabibISF کی قیادت میں ڈی ٹائپ چوک فیصل آباد میں شدید احتجاج جاری
— PTI (@PTIofficial) November 3, 2022

Protest at Dtype pull outside Rana Sanaullah’s house against the assassination attempt on @ImranKhanPTI #عمران_خان_ہماری_ریڈ_لائن_ہے
— PTI (@PTIofficial) November 3, 2022

فیصل آباد میں احتجاج جاری عوام میں شدید غصہ #عمران_خان_ہماری_ریڈ_لاین_ہے
— PTI (@PTIofficial) November 3, 2022


A large number of PTI numbers took to the street and protested against the incident by burning tyres and blocking the roads.

The attack

The firing incident occurred on Day 7 of the party's long march towards the federal capital. According to media reports, the gunman has been arrested and Imran is out of danger.

The PTI chief has been hospitalised after he reportedly received multiple gunshot wounds in the leg. Chaotic scenes were seen as security personnel rushed to secure the premises after the incident occurred.

Footage of the firing.
— Ihtisham Ul Haq (@iihtishamm) November 3, 2022

PTI senior leader Asad Umar said that Imran Khan has named three people – the incumbent prime minister, interior minister and a military official – for the assassination attempt on him.

"A short while ago, Imran Khan called Mian Aslam and me and asked us to issue a statement on his behalf because he already had some information [about the attack]," Umar said in a short video statement.

The PTI leader also said that the former prime minister is convinced that three people were involved in the attack including Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah.

"I wanted to kill Imran Khan and only Imran Khan." After being taken into custody, the assailant who had attempted to kill the PTI chairman revealed that he had intended to do so ever since the former premier left Lahore and started his long march. #etribune #news #imrankhanPTI
— The Express Tribune (@etribune) November 3, 2022

He said that Imran Khan has demanded that all three should be removed from their positions and if they are not removed then the PTI will stage protests across the country.

"All political workers and supporters are waiting for Imran Khan's call and as soon as it comes, protests will be staged across the country if the demand is not met," he added.

Read more: 'No one is behind me, only wanted to kill Imran Khan', attacker tells police

Many including PM Shehbaz Sharif condemned the incident. He said that the federal government will extend all support necessary to the Punjab government for security and investigation.

"Violence should have no place in our country's politics," Shehbaz further said.

The Pakistan Army has also condemned the incident. "Firing incident during Long March near Gujranwala is highly condemnable," the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said in a statement.

"Sincere prayers for precious life lost and speedy recovery and well-being of Chairman PTI Mr Imran Khan and all those injured in this unfortunate incident."

Many world leaders including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned the assassination attempt on the former prime minister.

"The attack on Imran Khan and his supporters is completely unacceptable, and I strongly condemn this violence. It has no place in politics, in any democracy, or in our society. I’m wishing a speedy recovery to Imran and all who were injured today," Trudeau wrote on his official Twitter handle.

Britain's Minister of State Zac Goldsmith, terming the news of the incident appalling, said that Imran Khan is strong and will be back on his feet.

"Those forces in Pakistan who believe they can stifle democracy in that country through murder are wrong & will be seen to be wrong," he added.

Reuters quoted Indian foreign ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi as saying: "It's a development that just took place. We're closely keeping an eye on and we'll continue to monitor ongoing developments."

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