Police recover Karachi missing teenager Dua Zehra from Lahore

The 14-year-old teenager Dua Zehra — who had gone missing from Karachi a week back — has been found in Lahore.

Following her recovery, the teenager issued a statement saying she went to Lahore from Karachi willingly.

The Lahore police have taken her into their custody, while the Lahore and Karachi police are in touch and will share the updates soon.

The police said that Dua tied the nuptial knot with a boy, who is a resident of Lahore. The marriage certificate of the teenager has been obtained by the police and is being verified.

The case

The case of the mysterious disappearance of the teenage girl from Karachi’s Al-Falah shook everyone. She went missing from the Golden Town area 10 days ago, triggering a sense of fear among the masses.

Police conducted multiple raids but failed to recover the girl. The police had claimed that she might have left the house of her own choice but the family had rejected it.


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