Pastor Reveals Incredible Details After Revival Breaks Out in Times Square, ‘Salvation Spreading’

Pastor Reveals Incredible Details After Revival Breaks Out in Times Square, ‘Salvation Spreading’

A New York City pastor took over Times Square in New York City last Monday, bringing together thousands to worship, sing praise songs, and receive deliverance from various struggles.

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Pastor Mike Signorelli of V1 Church in New York City held the massive revival with permission from Democratic Mayor Eric Adams’ office, making it an officially sanctioned event.

“This was not just us street preaching and drawing a crowd,” Signorelli told CBN Digital. “We were actually given permission. It was a permitted event.”

The preacher said the gathering was absolutely incredible.

“It was just insane,” Signorelli said. “At the end, I prayed for people to receive the gifts of the spirit. There were hundreds of people that reported receiving the gift of tongues. New York City streets were filled with people singing in the spirit; we had many drug addicts surrender drugs, people cancel suicides.”

The pastor said the “best part” was that he commissioned people to go out into the streets after the event concluded to “lead the lost to Jesus Christ,” resulting in incredible conversations that very literally led many to embrace Christianity throughout Manhattan.

Signorelli said it was powerful to see “salvation spreading throughout New York City.”

The idea for the revival came after Signorelli recently released a viral video praying for New York City after Mayor Eric Adams warned of potential lone-wolf attacks in the wake of Hamas’ terror assault on Israel.

“I did a viral video, where I walked the streets of New York City just prophesying and declaring what I believe that God was doing in the midst of that time,” Signorelli explained. “It went viral.”

The preacher said the video opened up an opportunity to connect with Adams’ office, and when the idea was sparked to hold the revival, he said Adams’ office offered a permit for it.

“I feel like it was a historic event, because … it’s very difficult to draw that many people in one place, in a public space,” Signorelli said. “And, to me, that was the sign that America is truly ready for revival, we’re in revival, we’re in those days.”

As CBN Digital noted, attendees and speakers shared videos and testimonials about the massive response to the event. Former witch-turned-Christian minister Jenny Weaver was among those involved. She called the meeting “historic” after delivering a message onstage.

“He took me from a life on the streets, addiction, drugs, an alternative lifestyle…He raised me up and made me a wife, he made me a mom, he made me a daughter of the King,” Weaver told the crowd. “I don’t cut myself anymore. I don’t want to commit suicide anymore. I don’t have to worry about what tomorrow holds because I have a hope. God said it.”

Read more about the powerful events that followed here.

Watch the Times Square gathering:

These events come as Signorelli prepares for an encore presentation of his hit film “The Domino Revival,” which hits theaters Nov. 13.

As CBN Digital previously reported, the movie first hit theaters nationwide on Oct. 24 and explored the revivals and spiritual resurgences taking America by storm.

“‘The Domino Revival’ takes moviegoers on an extraordinary journey with Mike Signorelli and a group of revivalists during a pivotal period in our nation’s history,” a synopsis reads. “As society’s fascination with the supernatural intensifies, this film unveils the awe-inspiring power of Jesus Christ. Through compelling preaching, documented miracles, triumph over despair, and liberation from demons, ‘The Domino Revival’ captures the essence of spiritual hunger.”

Signorelli encouraged people to head to the theaters on Nov. 13 to watch the film with friends and family.

“This is not just a movie,” Signorelli said. “It’s an experience.”

Learn more about “The Domino Revival” and how to get tickets.

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